Parent-Teacher Forum

Greetings from the Parent-Teacher Forum! We are a group of volunteers made up of parents, administrators, teachers and staff, who...

  • Help families adjust to AIS and to life in Vienna by providing information about the school and this beautiful city;
  • Host various events throughout the year to build a stronger sense of community;
  • Raise money that we reinvest into the school for the benefit of our students;
  • Come together as a group once a month to get updates and stay informed about current events in the school;
  • Work with the administration on common issues;
  • And have fun together working for our children.

Every AIS parent, teacher, and staff member is automatically a member of the AIS PTF. Join us at our monthly meeting to stay informed and help us support our school.

Every 2nd Tuesday of the month during the school term
8:30 AM in the Faculty Lounge by the cafe.
Come and enjoy PTF Breakfast Among Friends!

Our meetings and events are posted in Scoops - the school's weekly electronic newsletter.

Cathy Greeley
PTF Chair

Facebook Group: Parents of AIS Vienna

The PTF would like to inform you about the Parents of AIS Vienna Facebook Group, a closed, private, independent group for parents, by parents. This group is only open to parents of students attending AIS, as a place of communication and exchange, where parents can share local knowledge about living in Vienna, connect with and invite parents to join events or offer and request support. Please go to Parents of AIS Vienna, click join and answer the screening question. Via the AIS Directory, we then confirm that you are indeed an AIS Parent. This is how we ensure that only AIS Parents are included. Please check that you have activated your AIS Directory preferences from hidden to visible (and adjust your preferences) to ensure that you and your children are included in the AIS Directory.

If you require assistance, please simply e-mail from an e-mail address that you have listed in the AIS Parent Directory. We hope you find this resource and network of parents very helpful!

Parent Portal

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Veracross Portal

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Safeguarding and Child Protection
In line with emerging international school best practice, AIS Vienna maintains strong child protection policies and procedures and our school strives to provide a safe and secure environment for all students.

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