Parent-Teacher Forum

Greetings from your Parent-Teacher Forum (PTF) Board!

All parents, guardians, teachers, and staff members at AIS Vienna are automatically members of the AISV PTF and of the AISV Association / Verein; It is your PTF!

Please join us at our monthly PTF Breakfast Meetings that will help you stay informed, have a voice, exchange knowledge and experiences, brainstorm over challenges and solutions for and of our children and their school community. These meetings are great platforms for networking, community building and they facilitate participation in activities & events that complement the educational ones of our school.

To keep up with the latest information we also recommend:

Members of the PTF are all part of the greater AIS Vienna community of students, parents, teachers and staff who volunteer to support one another, our children and/or school in a variety of ways. Among others the PTF:

  • Helps families transition to AIS Vienna and adjust to life in Vienna;
  • Hosts various events & gatherings throughout the year to strengthen & enhance our sense of identity & community;
  • Raises funds through events we host to reinvest into our school which benefit our children and their teachers;
  • Hosts monthly gatherings where all PTF members can make announcements & update one another on opportunities for our community at AISV and in Vienna;
  • Has fun together, making new friends, working with & for our children & community.

From your PTF Board, we wish you great academic success, as well as social and cultural growth among countless new friends through various, shared adventures.

Iliana Chandler
PTF Chair

Charlene Adams
PTF Vice Chair

Facebook Group: Parents of AIS Vienna

The Parents of AIS Vienna Facebook Group is a safe, closed, private group created for parents, by parents, and is only open to parents of AIS students. We look forward to seeing you there between our scheduled face to face breakfast meetings.

A helpful tip: make use of the AIS Community Advertisements for buying and selling products and services to avoid doing so in our FB Group. Our FB group is a platform for non-profit, volunteer activities and services.

To become a member please go to Parents of AIS Vienna, click join and answer the screening question for the administrator to identify you as an AIS Parent via the AIS Directory and approve your request. This ensures that only AIS Parents are included.

Please check that you have activated your AIS Directory preferences from hidden to visible (and adjust your preferences) to ensure that you and your children are included in the AIS Directory. This process is no longer automatic in compliance with data protection regulations. If you are not visible on the AIS Directory, you membership approval will likely be delayed.

If you require assistance, please simply e-mail from an e-mail address that you have listed in the AIS Parent Directory. We hope you find this resource and network of parents very helpful and immediately begin making good use of it!

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Safeguarding and Child Protection
In line with emerging international school best practice, AIS Vienna maintains strong child protection policies and procedures and our school strives to provide a safe and secure environment for all students.

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