Make A Gift

The AIS community supports a spirit of philanthropy that helps AIS students move on to become true global citizens who understand how far the gifts of contribution, volunteerism, and engagement go in creating a better world.

While tuition is budgeted wisely, gifts allow us to offer extraordinary opportunities that might not be funded through the operating budget. In order to offer students special enhancements to their educational experience, AIS relies on additional income sources other than tuition, including gifts to the Annual Fund.

We are grateful to everyone who supports our school through their generous gifts at any level; no gift is too small. A gift is not only a financial contribution, but also an endorsement of the school we love. Strong participation in the Annual Fund is inspiring to everyone inside and outside the AIS Vienna community and encourages others to join a successful initiative.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding giving opportunities.

All gifts are accepted in line with Policy Fundraising & Gifts and Policy 1.7.8 Anti-Corruption/Anti-Bribery.