Instructional Technology

Shared Technology Vision

The following vision statements guide us to achieving and living AIS Vienna’s mission:

  • As a community, we challenge ourselves to understand our role, and model responsibility as ethical, knowledgeable and safe digital citizens.
  • In a nurturing environment, students are empowered to be critical, innovative, independent thinkers and creators.
  • Teachers best prepare our students by using technology as a means of individualizing and redefining inclusive teaching and learning.
  • As a respectful global community member within and beyond our host country, we strive to create opportunities to share our resources and knowledge.

1:1 Laptop Program

Our 1:1 program provides each student in grades 5-12 with a school purchased laptop to use at school and at home. In addition, each classroom has a computer, projector, and an interactive Smart Board. There is high speed, wireless internet access throughout the school.

Technology Related Coursework