Why We Give

* Denotes donors who made a contribution to the American International School of Vienna Foundation and indicated that they would like their gift to be used to support AIS Vienna.

The American International School of Vienna Foundation exists to support international schools, including the American International School in Vienna (“AISV”). The Foundation is a nonprofit, section 501(c)(3) organization as defined by the US Internal Revenue Code. Gifts made to the AISV Foundation are tax-deductible for US taxpayers to the full extent of the US tax code. The Foundation’s US tax ID (EIN) is 80-0375632.

*Detrick Family (Wm. Hadley '18, Lucie '20)

Our family gives for three reasons.

First, Wm. Hadley '18 and Lucie '20 thrived as AIS high school students. They built life-long friendships, explored their academic interests and graduated with the confidence and capabilities required to succeed in top-notch US colleges.

Second, as parents, Kirsten and Herb witnessed, first-hand, the commitment and dedication of AIS faculty and administrators to child-centered learning.

Finally, as a member of the Executive Board for 4 years, Kirsten saw how helpful extra financial support can be to our school, especially now, as AIS enters the next decades of growth and accomplishment.

In summary, our family's gift is a "thank you" to a great school with a proud history...and a very bright future ahead.

Jones Family (Branson '20 and Delaney '22)

We gave because AIS has been and continues to be a transformative force in the lives of our family. We are proud to be a part of the AIS faculty and the broader community. We look forward to seeing how the school evolves in the years ahead.

Robert Jones
(HS English / TOK 1990-2019)

Jan Mohs-Jones
(Grade 5 / ES Librarian 1997-present)

*Shorter-Lawrence Family (Jack '20)

AIS is a warm, student-centered environment where the entire team is dedicated to helping Jack and all students find their passion and setting them up for future success. We give because we want to support that for the next generation.

Alison Shorter-Lawrence
(Executive Board member 2018-2021,
Chair 2020-2021)

Richard Lawrence
(Substitute Teacher 2019-2021)

Gabor Family (Bianka '29 and Mirabel '29)

We give to AISV, because we would like to contribute to our common journey to excellence in all ways we can. We are convinced that all monetary gifts will be smartly used for the benefit of our future: the students. In particular, we would like to show our appreciation for such outstanding innovations as the Elementary School Science Lab.

JT ('05) and Steffi Hilliard

We gave because we believe in AIS. JT has a wealth of incredible memories from his time at AIS, and we want to help make sure future generations of students benefit from the unique opportunities AIS offers. As staff, we see how every donation makes a difference.