Why We Give

Jones Family (Branson '20 and Delaney '22)

We gave because AIS has been and continues to be a transformative force in the lives of our family. We are proud to be a part of the AIS faculty and the broader community. We look forward to seeing how the school evolves in the years ahead.

Robert Jones
(HS English / TOK 1990-2019)

Jan Mohs-Jones
(Grade 5 / ES Librarian 1997-present)

Gabor Family (Bianka '29 and Mirabel '29)

We give to AISV, because we would like to contribute to our common journey to excellence in all ways we can. We are convinced that all monetary gifts will be smartly used for the benefit of our future: the students. In particular, we would like to show our appreciation for such outstanding innovations as the Elementary School Science Lab.

JT ('05) and Steffi Hilliard

We gave because we believe in AIS. JT has a wealth of incredible memories from his time at AIS, and we want to help make sure future generations of students benefit from the unique opportunities AIS offers. As staff, we see how every donation makes a difference.