Knights to Remember

After the completion of the spring season the Boosters honor all athletes at a HS Athletic Banquet and a MS Awards Night.

All students receive a medal of participation and a certificate however, selected athletes also receive special awards. Award are given with an emphasis on recognition of commitment to the team, coach, activity and athletics program as a whole and not on achievement.

Outstanding Athlete of the Year Award (HS and MS)

This award is given to the most outstanding athletes, one boy and one girl, for the year. It is given to a student who has done outstandingly well athletically and has contributed greatly to the athletic program. He/she will have shown personal prowess, skill, leadership and sportsmanship throughout the year.

All varsity coaches will get one vote per season they coach. The Athletics Director will communicate a list of nominations and facilitate the selection.

2019HSJanel VaughnMarco Fengler
MSMorgan FrameThomas Rheaume
2018HSAnna Grace UlsesPaul Söllinger
MSEleni GinterDimitar Stefanov
2017HSHope SchulzKyubin Lee
MSAva KomonsSahand Noorian
2016 HS Hope Schulz Kevin Szabad
MS Jasmijn van Zaanen Sascha Kozlov
2015 HS Maxime Wassink Christophe Funke
MS Hannah Gentrup Aidan Linley
2014 HS Maxime Wassink Christophe Funke
MS Isa Tapies Paul Söllinger
2013 HS JeongYoon Lee Max Halbach
MS Costy Pregnolato George Ladner
2012 HS JeongYoon Lee Maxwell Raunegger
MS Isabelle Kessler Marcus Lee
2011 HS JeongYoon Lee Tim Hanigan
MS Isabelle Kessler Ludvig Hovland
2010 HS Anna Isabel Chanduvi Andreas Boedt
MS Alice Schuerer Edoardo Papa
2009 HS Ellie Mika Aaron Saunders
MS JeongYoon Lee Marcel Ceska
2008 HS Nicola Roth Alex Hilliard
MS Cora Birkkjaer Fabio Licciardi
2007 HS Emily Coyle Alex Hilliard
MS Nicola Roth Dominic Lenzo
2006 HS Eva Krawczyk Matthew Matusiak
MS Katya Samodurov Aaron Saunders
2005 HS Heather MacDonald Michael Janov
MS Amy Batchelor Stephan Kwong
2004 HS Heather MacDonald Mathis Rogner
MS Eleanor Mika Alexander Hilliard
2003 HS Aya Ohki Mathis Rogner
MS Sofia Bolfe Wesley Jarvis
2002 HS Theresa Hagel Lukas Loeschner
MS Morgan Keese Tae Hoon Chang
2001 HS Daniela Egerer Lukas Loeschner
MS Magda Gucwa Geoff Cooke
2000 HS Lisa Newman-Wise Jason Kellogg
MS Nina Colaianni Mathis Rogner
1999 HS Karlijn Uijterschout Martin Huber
MS Theresa Hagel Ryoje Okuno
1998 HS Karlijn Uijterschout Russell Brown
MS Lindsay Brammen Hall Tilemann
1997 HS Madleen Noreisch Deke Trimble
MS Lindsay Keyes Gerald Klein
1996 HS Madleen Noreisch Brian Bachmann
1995 HS Liisa Janov Ryan Cashman
1994 HS Shannon Massie Ryan Cashman
1993 HS Liisa Janov David Smith
1992 HS Nina Hartwig Jamal Hussain
1991 HS Uta Melzer Mehmet Kocer
1990 HS Barbara Behrendt Mark Beary
1989 HS Lilly Pschill Jon Glittenberg
1988 HS Anne Oden Michael Shea
1987 HS Jasenka Oremovic Michael Shea
1986 HS Loshame Haile Jason Steere
1985 HS Courtney Hill Carl McMollum

The Alan Hundley Award (HS)

This award is given to the student who shows the most school spirit throughout the year. The winner must show: a sense of fair play, relate well to everyone, be they coaches, opponents, referees or visitors and show pride in AIS and the achievements of its athletes.
Alan Hundley was still an AIS high school student in 1986 when he was killed in a car accident back home in the US during the summer holidays. The Athletics Director will choose this award.

2019Elijah Ebert2018Holden Scharpf 2017Roxanne Chao
2016 Ben Dietderich 2015
Elle Heedles 2014
Patrick Ludwig
2013 Cara Funke 2012
Lisanne Wassink 2011
Sarah Dierderich
2010 Cora Birkkjaer 2009
Tyler Molinaro 2008
Ellie Mika
Phillip Forsgren 2006
Jascha Widecki 2005
Kristine Bergan
Nina Colaianni 2003
Miriam Spradling 2002
Kenneth Westling
2001 Anne Cooley 2000 Erika Brown 1999 Daniela Egerer
1998 Justin Beiler 1997 Peter Bosler 1996 Vanessa Vanderberg
1995 Gregory Mundis 1994 Jun-Nicole Matsushita 1993 Brian Brennan
1992 Carola Hoyos 1991 Steffen Overgaard Mogensen 1990 Jeffery Urbanski
1989 Christian Fuchs 1988 James Gorman 1987 Sam Kidane

Rianto van Hinte Award (MS)

This award will be awarded to the athlete who best shows the characteristics of Rianto van Hinte. This includes showing respect for teammates, coaches, officials and all associated with the athletics program. The recipient will represent the school as an ambassador through the athletics program. Rianto van Hinte attended AIS throughout the middle school and left at the beginning of 10th grade when during the summer he was killed in a bike accident back home in Holland. The Athletics Director will choose this award.

2018Roos van Zaanen2019Agustina Donaldson
2016 Fiona Kelleher 2017 Lily Marlowe
Anna Falck Solgaard 2014 Yusr Zaghlula
2013 Vienna Linley 2012
Katie Shook
2011 Hannah Purvis 2010
Sebastian Ludwig
Max Halbach 2008
Ryan Molinaro
Juliana Hilliard 2006
Anthony Belnomi
Eleanor Mika 2004
Victoria Jarvis
Alexander Hilliard 2002
Jascha Widecki
Michael Janov 2000
Kat Kysenius
1999 Josh Hallisey 1998 Antonia & Marthilda Strom
1997 Daniela Egerer 1996 Karlijn Uljterschout

The Golden Knight Award (HS)

This award is given to the boy and girl who best fulfill the following criteria. 1) Receive four varsity letters throughout their junior / senior years. 2) Maintain a grade point average of 3.3 or higher. 3) Demonstrate leadership. Ron Smith sponsors this award. As a parent he was an active supporter of the athletics program and established this award to recognize the outstanding mix of academics and athletics many of our students possess. The Athletics Director in consultation with the Principal will choose this award.

Past Recipients
2019Anna Grace UlsesAidan Linley
2018Roxanne ChaoKyubin Lee
2017Vienna LinleyClemens Ulm
2016 Kenna McCafferty Oscar Van Egeren
2015 Bea Lansbergen Dennis Satke
2014 Alice Schürer Jack Ulses
2013 Ebba Lewerentz Gunnar Collen
2012 Sarah Dietderich Connor Murray
2011 Anna Isabel Chanduvi Niki Martys
2010 Alexandra Dekleva Ryan Meltzer
2009 Stephanie Knight Ryan Meltzer
2008 Felicitas Scheller Danny Meltzer
2007 Sarah Sabler Fran Hoerhager
2006 Heather MacDonald Jonathan Forsgren
2005 Temi Maiyegun John Taylor Hilliard
2004 Chloe Charlet Johann Matthai
2003 Patricia Stevens Thanos Matthei
2002 Lindsay Brammen Lukas Loeschner
2001 Lisa Newman-Wise Jerod Solomon
2000 Karlijn Uijterschout Kasper Pedersen
1999 Fiona Badian Cove Aaronoff
1998 Madleen Noreisch Michael Johnson
1997 Kathleen Noreisch Marko Lukesch
1996 Kate Brennan Darius Jazayeri
1995 Elizabeth Buron Marcelo Facio
1994 Shannon Massie Brian Brennan
1993 Maren Connary Geert de Lombaerde
1992 Jenny Patterson Jamal Hussain
1991 Pamela Smith Alexander Puhrer

Mike Maloy Gym

In 2011 the AIS 'Upper Gym' was officially renamed the Mike Maloy Gym.

There are signs inside and outside of the gym as well as a three paneled display board that contains the story of his life.

Please click on these links to see the display panels: Section 1, Section 2, Section 3.
Below is the display board at Davidson University.

The Mike Maloy Award (HS)

This award is given to the boy and girl HS basketball player who best reflect three of the many qualities Mike shared with us; PASSION, PERSEVERENCE, PERSONALITY. The HS basketball coaches along with the Athletics Director will select the recipients.

2019Margaret GheorghitaQuinten Verdoold
2018Sofia LansbergenNicolas Mortensen
2017Bobbie SzabadAiden Linley
2016 Chira Zerbo Hyun Jae Shin
2015 Roxanne Chao Jules Silberberg
2014 Bea Lansbergen Chris Vink
2013 Maxime Wassink Maxwell Raunegger
2012 Ebba Lewerentz Cullen Scheland
2011 Lisanne Wassink Andreas Boedt
2010 Demetra Eftimiades Erik Neighbour
2009 Alexandra Dekleva Soren Christensen

Challenge Award (HS)

The challenge award recognizes the student athletes who complete three consecutive seasons within their junior or senior year

Seniors: Marco Fengler, Aidan Linley, Ellen Oudkerk-Sodia, Joseph Purvis Jr, Anna Grace Ulses
Juniors: Debbie Engelberg, Maria Ovinnikova, Seongbin Park, Jack Sabatini, Victoria Ulm, Alessandro Del Fabbro

Seniors: Roxanne Chao, Kyubin Lee, Holden Scharpf, Yusr Zaghula, Paul Heedles
Juniors: Nathalie Fengler, Marco Fengler, Aidan Linley, Joe Purvis

Seniors: Vienna Linley*, Edward Bayer
Juniors: Roxanne Chao, Kyubin Lee, Holden Scharpf, Nienke van Zaanen, Yusr Zaghula

*Vienna Linley has completed 21 consecutive seasons. Each season since 6th grade

Roger Urbanski Award (Booster)

The Roger Urbanski Award is presented each year in recognition of and appreciation for the tireless and unselfish efforts made to support the Athletic program at AIS. While stationed in Vienna Roger was a very active member of Boosters. To him nothing was impossible.

2013 Neil Dietderich
2014 Lisa Hilliard
2015 Claudia Bonek
2016 Bente Pedersen
2017Carina Falck Solgaard-Nielsen

2018The entire AIS workshop team
2019Jim Ellis

The Grell Award (ISST)

The Grell Award is presented annually to a person who has made significant contributions to the ISST organization. Dr. Lewis Grell was Superintendent of the American School of the Hague during the 1970's and was also the Chairman of the ISST.

AIS Recipients
1996 Hans Soukal Athletic Director
2001 Dave Hagan Athletic Director
2009 Mike Maloy Coach

Cathy Faoro Fair Play Award (ISST)

The Cathy Faoro Award commemorates the memory of Cathy Faoro, a former student of AIS, who passed away after illness shortly after graduating from high school in 1992. It is presented annually at the Girls Division 1 Soccer Championships to the player who most personifies Cathy's sporting personality. Unselfish team play, team spirit, quiet leadership and determination. Regardless of if AIS is in Division 1 they can nominate one girl for the award.

AIS Nominations
1996 Abigail Wilson 2005 Sofia Sandoval 2014 Anna Kullnigg
1997 Emily Janov 2006 Rosie Raaijmakers 2015 Emma Heedles
1998 Daniela Eggerer 2007 Natascha Sorensen 2016 Nathalie Fengler
1999 Daniela Eggerer 2008 Sofia Albertsson 2017 Celia Martini
2000 Kat Johnk 2009 Ceylan Yuce 2018 Caitlin Greeley
2001 Patricia Stevens 2010 Juliana Hilliard
2002 Mariel Brewster 2011 Sarah Dietderich
2003 Chloe Charlet 2012 Sofia Poggi
2004 Kristine Bergan 2013 Elle Heedles

Arvid Paasonen Fair Play Award (ISST)

The Arvid Paasonen Award is a traveling trophy in memory of a Frankfurt International School student who was killed in a car accident. The Trophy is awarded annually to the Division 1 boys soccer team who has demonstrated the most 'fair play' during the tournament.

AIS has won this award in; 1991, 2003, and 2005

Scott Baillie Award (ISST)

The Scott Bailie Award honors the memory of Scott Baillie, a deceased student-athlete from the American School in London. It is awarded to the male basketball player in the Division 1 championships who best demonstrates those personal qualities held by the late Scott Baillie. A) intense consistent effort while enjoying the competitive nature of basketball B) play with poise, composure and confidence C) emotional control without losing competitive effort D) ability to concentrate on playing the best basketball possible regardless of the score.

AIS Recipients
1998 Justin Beiler
1999 Cove Aaronoff
2002 Lukas Loeshner

Becky Dowski Fair Play Trophy (ISST)

The Becky Dowski Trophy honors the memory of Becky Dowski, a deceased student-athlete from the American School of Paris. It is awarded to the girls Division 1 basketball team that demonstrates outstanding fair play during the ISST Championships. The award is selected by the coaches and referees through a ballot process.

AIS has won this award in; 1991, 1994, 1998, 2012, 2014 and 2017

Swimming and Track & Field Records Boards

Here are the current MS and HS Swimming and Track & Field school records.
These records are updated when a record is broken and the display boards are located outside of the Mike Maloy gym.