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You may now register for the 2017-2018 daily bus service.

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The American International School (AIS) offers a bus service for students to get to and from school. We use one of Vienna’s premier bus companies ‘Blaguss’ to provide this service.

Please note that the Events Office is responsible for the bus service.

We also provide you with a Blaguss contact in case you need to contact them directly.

There are currently six routes designed with stops to best accommodate your needs. We do not provide ‘door to door’ service.

The six routes for school year 2017-2018 and the location of bus stops have been planned in consultation with Blaguss.

The stops are designed with student safeguarding as a priority. As such, students may be required to walk or use other means of transportation to reach a designated bus stop.

The stops are also designed to meet Austrian regulations for operating this transportation system.

School buses are numbered by route. There will be a sign in the front of each bus indicating the bus is traveling to and from AIS for example, “AIS Bus 5”.

The Business Office will invoice families for the bus service in a timely manner on receipt of registration. However, invoices will not be sent before August 15.

Single tickets can be purchased at the Reception in the Main Office AND at the Elementary School Office.

AIS staff be present as the buses arrive and depart the campus ONLY. In addition AIS staff will periodically check that students riding the bus have a valid bus card or single ticket.

In case of an emergency all bus drivers are trained in basic first aid and in the event of a more serious emergency the driver will call for medical assistance. In case of an accident or breakdown, the students will be kept on the bus until a replacement bus arrives or an alternative method of transport is found. Each driver has a cell phone and is in contact with the Blaguss headquarters and with the Events Office.

Bus Routes

For information about the bus routes please contact;
Andy Harrison
Tel. +43 1 40132 2401
Mobile. +43 699 1 4013240

Price List & Refund Policy

Prices valid for the entire school year.

Round Trip:€ 1.983,00
One Way:€ 994,00 (morning or afternoon)
Family Ticket: € 4.961,00 (3 children in the same household)
Single Ticket:€ 7,50

Refund Policy
Refunds will only be granted upon withdrawal from AIS.

Refunds are granted per quarter. Started quarters must be paid for in full. The dates for the beginning and the end of each quarter shall be taken from the school calendar and can be found on the AIS Website.

Rules of Conduct

All students are expected to follow AIS student expectations as stated in the Family Handbook and the Student Planners.

Seat belts MUST be worn at ALL times when riding the bus. It is NOT permitted to stand on the bus OR change seats when bus is in motion.

Students must not eat on the bus buses.

When listening to music please use headphones.

AIS and Blaguss assume no responsibility for lost items.

There are no ‘reserved’ seats. However, ES students should sit in the front half of the bus and older students in the back half of the bus.

Backpacks and book bags should be placed on the floor or held by the owner when seats are needed.

All students are required to arrive at all bus stops a minimum of 5 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time.

Unacceptable behavior on the bus will be dealt with by the appropriate Principal and the Events Office

Lost and Found Procedures

Items found will be delivered to the security hut at the Main Gate. They will remain there for two weeks before being moved to the general lost and found.

When inquiring about lost items please contact the Events Office.

After School Shuttle

The activities shuttle leaves the AIS parking lot at 16:45 and travels through Neustift stopping at the 35A bus stop. It then turns left at the circle and goes up Agnesgasse to connect with 39A and then turns around and heads back to AIS.

Then it leaves the AIS parking lot again at 17:20 and travels through Neustift stopping at the 35A bus stop. It then turns left at the circle and goes up Agnesgasse to connect with 39A and then turns around and heads back to AIS. It then leaves AIS at 17:45 goes to the U3 end stop at Ottakring(corner of Thaliastrasse/Hüttengasse) (Monday, Wednesday & Friday) and to the U4 end stop at Hütteldorf (at the 47B stop) (Tuesday & Thursday).

This shuttle is provided free of charge.

Contact Information

Andy Harrison
Director of Athletics, Activities, & Events
Tel. +43 1 40132 2401
Mobile. +43 699 1 4013240

Claudia Bonek
+43 1 40132 2402

Iris Giesecke (Blaguss)

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