Why Give?

As a non-profit international school, AIS relies primarily on tuition and fees to cover the costs of operating and maintaining the school. However, through the generosity of our global community, we can accelerate the pace at which we invest in leading-edge innovations and improvements – Annual Fund donations go directly into new programs and initiatives. This means that your gift goes directly to improving the academic and extracurricular programs for our current students and faculty.

What inspires people to give to AIS is highly individual and based on personal circumstances and motivations, but the results are mutual: donations to the Annual Fund improve the learning lives and enhance the future of approximately 800 students who are tomorrow’s global citizens.

Common reasons for giving to the Annual Fund are to:

  • Show appreciation to AIS for its role in shaping your life or your children’s lives
  • Support a specific project or program at the school that inspires you to help make it happen
  • Leave a legacy for the benefit of your children, grandchildren, and community
  • Reduce tax obligations by making a tax-deductible contribution
  • Further a commitment to supporting international education
  • Or simply experience the joy of giving to others

Whatever it is that motivates you to make a gift, we truly appreciate your generosity and value your engagement and leadership in our community.