Updated November 17, 2020, 15:30

Recent Updates

The Austrian government announced strengthened COVID-19 preventative lockdown measures to go into effect on Tuesday, November 17. Elementary, Middle, and High School have shifted to Distance Learning. We anticipate that this shift to Distance Learning will continue through December 6.

Corona Traffic Light

On September 4, the Austrian government presented the Corona Traffic Light System that will guide Austria, and specifically schools, in the future. On November 5, it was confirmed that Vienna is categorized as red. On November 14 it was announced that schools would move to red beginning on November 17. As the nature of private international education and our community can sometimes vary from Austrian public schools, we have translated and adapted the Corona Traffic Light System as necessary.

AIS Vienna Coronavirus Traffic Light System

For more Corona Traffic Light information specific to schools in Austria, please click here. For other helpful links including FAQs, please click here.

For the Austria wide Corona Traffic Light in real time, along with other information, please visit The Traffic Light will be updated on Friday of each week.

What To Do When

The Austrian government has provided schools with procedures and guidance on how to handle specific scenarios that may arise regarding Coronavirus. As the nature of private international education and our community can sometimes vary from Austrian public schools, we have translated and adapted the Austrian government Covid-19 procedures as necessary. For our AIS Vienna Covid-19 Procedures, please click the link below.

What To Do When: AIS Vienna Covid-19 Procedures Flowchart

You can also always find a list of Coronavirus testing centers on page 19 of our List of Physicians located in the Parents section of our website under Health Information.

Coronavirus Case Management Team

A decision was made at our Monday Senior Leadership (SLT) and Emergency Response Team (ERT) meeting to form an AIS Coronavirus Case Management Team. This decision was made to streamline our approach to COVID-19 case management. As such the responsibility for managing such cases now rests with Renée McCormack, Andy Harrison, Claudia Bonek and the Events Office Team. We will refer to them as the AIS Coronavirus Case Management Team. Please make sure that all reports of confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases or close contacts go directly to them. The team is best prepared to answer your specific questions.

Email the AIS Coronavirus Case Management Team

Who Does What

As we continue to adjust procedures, formalize duties, and streamline processes around COVID-19, we have created a Who Does What: Covid-19 Duties Flowchart. This flowchart will serve as a guide for procedures and responsibilities regarding COVID-19 and the way in which we will work to manage the flow of information within the AIS community.

Who Does What: Covid-19 Duties Flowchart

From the Director

AIS is uniquely prepared to manage the ever changing COVID-19 context and adapt to a sense of new normal by way of our American/IB educational approach and philosophy, which supports students’ creative, adaptive and problem-solving skills. Like our students, our leaders, teachers and staff are similarly “wired” to adapt, create, team and adjust to the needs of our students, regardless of the model of learning delivery, whether inside of the classroom or across a virtual connection, while maintaining strong relationships and connection.

Our experiences with COVID-19 may be just as diverse as the places our families come from. Each of us may have different expectations and will adjust to the current circumstances in Vienna and at AIS. We will strive to provide clarity and consistency of communication so that students and their families feel prepared, informed and reassured. Parents are our partners at AIS and we will continue to work with you as such for the benefit of our students.

Kathryn Miner, DEd

Continued Health Imperatives

We continue to repeat Austrian, CDC, and WHO advice that active handwashing, attention to coughing etiquette, and social distancing whenever possible remain our best practices for slowing the spread of the virus.

If you present the following symptoms, please call the health hotline ("Gesundheitstelefon") 1450 (English-speaking representatives available) as soon as possible:

Difficulty Breathing
Shortness of Breath
Sore Throat
Loss of Smell and Taste
*All With or Without Fever

If you are unsure, please call Mrs. McCormack, School Nurse, at +43 1 401322131.

For more health recommendations and answers to other questions, please visit the Coronavirus page of the Stadt Wien website or call 0800 555 621.

Student Support

The International School Counselor Association has compiled a list of Resources on Managing Feelings, Fears and Worries about COVID-19. School staff remain available should you have any specific concerns about the emotional wellbeing of your student. Counselors and staff across the school are actively sharing information about the social and emotional concerns that may arise during a situation that is capturing so much of the world’s attention.