This page is updated when restrictions and guidelines evolve or when we receive new information about pandemic-related measures.

Last Updated May 20, 2021, 8:00 a.m.

Recent Updates

We were very pleased to welcome all students back to campus beginning Monday, May 17, 2021! This reopening includes key safety precautions to ensure we keep our community healthy so we can continue with full live instruction.

  • Student Antigen Testing
    • Every student now takes an Antigen test on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. PCR tests for students will not be required this school year in Austria.
  • Physical Distancing & Masks
    • A minimum of 2 meters distance is required between any two people wherever possible.
    • PK-Grade 4: Students must wear mouth-and-nose protection and can remove their masks when seated at their desk. This mask does not need to be an FFP-2 mask.
    • Grades 5-8: Students must wear mouth-nose-protection at all times while on campus, with breaks when ventilating the classroom or while outside. This mask does not need to be an FFP-2 mask.
    • Grades 9-12: Students must wear FFP-2 masks at all times while on campus, with breaks when ventilating the classroom or while outside.
  • After School Activities & Athletics
    • The After School Activity (ASA) will continue to operate.
    • Our Return to Play program began Wednesday, May 19.
  • Events
    • We are hopeful that we will be able to hold some academic-related events this year. We do not expect celebratory parties to be included in this allowance. Divisions will share more information in the coming weeks with details about specific events.

We will always communicate any changes to our current status directly with you and ask that our community members not rely on unofficial or indirect sources that do not apply to school operations.

Individuals who have been vaccinated (Geimpft)

For people who have been vaccinated with an approved vaccine, the following rules apply:

  • The first vaccination is valid from the 22nd day after the 1st dose for a maximum of 3 months from the time of vaccination.
  • The 2nd dose extends the validity period by a further 6 months.
  • Vaccines for which only one vaccination is intended (Johnson & Johnson) are valid from the 22nd day after vaccination for a total of 9 months from the day of vaccination.
  • For people who have already recovered and who have previously been vaccinated, the vaccination is valid for nine months from the time of vaccination.

Individuals who have recovered (Genesen)

For people who have recovered from COVID-19, the following rules apply:

  • These individuals are exempt from the obligation to test for six months after the infection has expired. Evidence includes
    • Medical confirmation of an infection confirmed by molecular biology.
    • Evidence of neutralizing antibodies counts for three months from the time of the test.

A comprehensive range of test options will create numerous low-threshold options for test evidence in the future.

Individuals who test (Getestet)

Different periods of validity are defined for the tests depending on their reliability:

  • PCR tests are valid for 72 hours from sampling.
  • Antigen tests by an authorized agency are valid for 48 hours from sampling.
  • Self-tests that are recorded in an official data processing system in the federal states are valid for 24 hours.
  • Point-of-sale tests for single entry to sports facilities, business premises, restaurants, hotels or an event are also possible.
  • All students from Grade 4 and up have been issued a 'passbook'. There is a page in the passbook for each week of school. Each test day after the students have tested, they place a sticker on the appropriate day. The passbook, along with photo ID, satisfies the 3 G requirement and allows students to access the services that are now open.

COVID-19 Case Management Team

The AIS COVID-19 Case Management Team consists of Renée McCormack (School Nurse), Andy Harrison (Director of Events Office) and Claudia Bonek (Travel Liaison Officer and Assistant to the Events Office). Please make sure that all reports of confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases or close contacts go directly to them. The team is best prepared to answer your specific questions.

Email the AIS Coronavirus Case Management Team

Continuing Safety Measures

As part of the opening regulation, there will be no more exit restrictions. The house can therefore be left around the clock without a reason. Nevertheless, increased caution still applies. Therefore, there will be a number of tried and tested security measures:

  • The minimum distance of 2 meters is retained almost everywhere (exception: at the table in a restaurant, events with assigned seats).
  • In all newly opened areas, COVID-19 prevention concepts must be drawn up and COVID-19 officers appointed.
  • From 10 p.m. there is a general curfew for all businesses, events, and sports facilities.
  • From 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. only gatherings of 4 people plus a maximum of 6 minor children are permitted.
  • During the day, indoor gatherings of 4 people plus 6 minor children are permitted, and outdoor gatherings of 10 people plus 10 minor children.
  • The previous rules for FFP2 masks and mouth-nose protection remain unchanged.
  • Registration obligation for guests in restaurants, hotels, events and leisure activities indoor and outdoor (exception in the case of low interaction: e.g. zoo, outdoor swimming pools, etc.)

Continued Health Imperatives

We continue to repeat Austrian, CDC, and WHO advice that wearing masks, regularly washing/sanitizing hands, and physical distancing remain our best practices for slowing the spread of the virus.

If you present the following symptoms, please call the health hotline ("Gesundheitstelefon") 1450 (English-speaking representatives available) immediately:

Difficulty Breathing
Shortness of Breath
Sore Throat
Loss of Smell and Taste
*All With or Without Fever

If you are unsure, please email the AIS Coronavirus Case Management Team.