Tournament Results

Results from all DVAC, SCIS, CEESA & ISST tournaments hosted at AIS will be posted below

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SCIS MS Boys Soccer - Nov 7-9

2019 MS
November 7th to 9th

Our off campus field is;
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Group A: Zurich IS, IS Brussels, AIS Vienna 2
Group B: AIS Vienna, IS Zug & Lucern, IS Basel
Group C: ICS Zurich, AIS Budapest, Frankfurt IS
Group D: Munich IS, BS Brussels, IS Geneva

Thursday November 7
AIS Field
14:00 Group A AIS2 v BRU
15:00 Group D LCG v BSB
16:00 Group B AIS v ISB
17:00 Group C ICS v FIS

Friday November 8
AIS Field
09:00 Group A ZIS v BRU
10:00 Group B ISB v ISZL
11:00 Group A AIS2 v ZIS
12:00 Group B AIS v ISZL
13:30 W (1/4 Final) 1st A v 2nd B
14:30 Y (1/4 Final) 1st B v 2nd A
15:30 R 3rd A v 3rd B
16:30 S 3rd C v 3rd D

09:00 Group C ICS v BUD
10:00 Group D MIS v BSB
11:00 Group C FIS v BUD
12:00 Group D LCG v MIS
13:30 X (1/4 Final) 1st C v 2nd D
14:30 Z (1/4 Final) 1st D v 2nd C

Saturday November 9
09:00 H Loser X v Loser Y
10:00 G Loser W v Loser Z
11:00 11th Place Loser R v Loser S

AIS Field
09:00 M (1/2 Final) Winner W v Winner Z
10:00 N (1/2 Final) Winner X v Winner Y
11:00 9th Place Winner R v Winner S
12:00 7th Place Loser G v Loser H
13:00 5th Place Winner G v Winner H
14:00 3rd Place Loser M v Loser N
15:00 Championship Winner M v Winner N