Frequently Asked Questions

What sports? Which season?

The year is divided into three athletic seasons. A student may participate in one sport per season.

HS/MS Soccer
HS/MS Cross Country
HS Volleyball
MS Tennis

HS/MS Basketball
HS/MS Swimming

HS/MS Track and Field
HS/MS Golf
HS/MS Girls Softball
HS Boys Baseball
HS Tennis

Are there tryouts and cuts?

Yes, there are tryouts for each team and we do cut.

The first week of each season is our try out week and each team will have 2 or 3 try out days.
Students do not have to sign up for a team before hand, they can simply show up on the try out day. The coaches will collect the names of each student in attendance and run drills so that they can see the abilities of each student.

If a student is not sure which sport they would like to play they can attend a tryout of two different sports. They should go to the sport they are most interested in first. At the end of that tryout the student must tell the coach that they are going to another sports tryout the next day.

These tryouts are as much for a student to try a sport as they are for the coaches to select their teams.

At the end of the last tryout the coaches will announce which students are on which team or if they made a team at all.

Tryouts are a nerve-wracking, gut-wrenching, anxiety-provoking gauntlet that almost every athlete, across every sport, at every playing level must successfully navigate through before they can see that dream of theirs turn into a reality.

To read about how, when and why we cut please go to our "why we do what we do page" HERE

Athletics Contract - What is that?

All participating students and parents must complete an online contract by the required deadline. This contract will include personal information, travel and hosting responsibilities and also the acceptance of the school's rules, all appropriate guidelines and family responsibilities.

What is housing?

When we travel as a team our students will be housed by families from the school we are visiting and thus all families are expected to house students from visiting schools when they travel to us. Families will be made aware of their responsibility at the start of each season. If a family is unable to host then it is the responsibility of the participating student to find an alternative host from outside the athletic community. The MOST important aspect of housing is that the guests are safe and cared for. It does not need to be a ‘luxury’ setting. Indeed for short stays a sleeping bag on the couch is absolutely fine.

The complete housing guidelines as well as individual housing grids can be found on our Housing Information page.

Do we need a sport physical?

There are no specific sport physicals required at AIS.

However, all students are required to submit and updated medical history and physical exam before they resume school as a Grade 6 or Grade 9 student as well as all new students. Those who have not submitted the medical updates will not be permitted to practice or participate on sports teams.

For more information please see our Family Handbook.

Do I have to pay?

There is a cost for travel and athletes must purchase a ‘Travel/Warm-up Suit’ at a cost of €70.00. The suit will be personalized and will remain the property of the athlete. For travel by road, rail or air to competitions outside of Vienna each student will pay 120% of the cost. (The extra 20% is used to help defray the trip expenses of coaches and chaperones.) At the start of the season students will be made aware of their travel commitments. If a student cannot travel he/she must note this on the contract. Parents will receive an invoice from the school via email for trips and/or tracksuits after the trip has taken place.

If a student has committed to travel on the contract and pulls out of the trip for ANY reason there may be a financial penalty. This does not include Travel Probation.

What is Travel Probation?

Should a student have one F or two D's or unsatisfactory effort grades they will be placed on Extracurricular Activities Travel Probation and will not be allowed to miss school for an event until their grades have improved.


Athletes must purchase a Travel/Warm up suit through the Events Office. Suits must be tried on before we order them. The suits are personalized wit the athletes' name on the back and their initials on the leg. The suits are the athletes' property. Swim suits are also purchased and kept. All other uniforms are provided by AIS for the season and returned afterwards. If a uniform is not returned the parents are invoiced a replacement fee.

More questions?

If you have more questions that have not been answered here please take a look at our "Parent and Student Athletic & Activities Handbook". There is a button on the right of all athletic pages or click HERE

Who do I contact?

At the start of the season you will receive an email from your child’s coach. This is your contact for specific sports related questions. Should you have any other questions, such as travel or housing enquiries please contact:

Andy Harrison
Director of Athletics, Activities, & Events
Tel. +43 1 40132 2401
Mobile. +43 699 1 4013240

Nick DeForest
Assistant Director of Athletics, Activities, & Events
Tel. +43 1 40132 296
Mobile. +43 699 140132 96