Reunions and Photos


The Class of '70s Reunion took place in February at Lake Louise. Angie Noziglia Eblan ‘72 and Mead Eblan ‘73, Harvey Hine ‘74, Robbie Wilson ‘76, April Fleming Abbey ‘73 and Jay Abbey, Gene Ouye ‘73 and Wendy Skorupski ‘78, Carolyn Fleming ‘74 and Brad Dick, David Hoelzinger ‘72 and Dominique Hoelzinger.

The Class of ‘73+/- Reunion took place in April on Zoom.

The Class of ‘60s Reunion took place in May on Zoom.


A big and sincere THANK YOU to all alumni (students, teachers, parents, friends, etc.) who attended the 60th anniversary celebrations during the 2.-4. May 2019 weekend. It was fun, it was filled with laughter, it was a ride down memory lane and it was emotional. You all make a big part of our history. So your well being, happiness and involvement with the school is very important to us. So seeing all those smiling faces and hearing those positive words meant a lot. Danke!

Here are some photos capturing the beauty and festivity of the events:

Class of 2009: December 21.-22. (Vienna)