Contact The Alumni Office


AIS Vienna encourages alumni to visit the campus, take a tour and say “hello” to their former teachers. For the safety and consideration as well as ensuring the protection of our students, faculty and staff, we kindly ask that all alums observe the following regulations regarding school visits:

How to schedule a visit: contact the Alumni Office at +43 1 40132 2721, via or prior to your planned visit to AIS Vienna. This will enable us to personalize your visit and make sure that you can access the campus.

What to bring with you: a photo ID.

Procedure: Upon arrival (at the Main Gate or the School Reception), you will be given a visitor's pass and asked to sign in. Either the Alumni Manager or an assigned staff member will be informed of your presence, who will then welcome you to the school. Before departing, please don't forget to return your visitor's pass.

Alumni Office Hours: Monday through Thursday 12:00 till 16:30 pm.

Important: All visitors must be accompanied during their walk around the school.

During holidays / breaks / weekends / vacations / evenings = alumni are not allowed on campus (unless they have been in touch with the Alumni Manager who agreed to come up to AISV to give them a tour and also in case of special events taking place on school grounds to which alumni are specifically invited).

For more information and further questions, please contact the Alumni Office.

You can also find us on Facebook (AIS · Vienna Alumni), as well as LinkedIn (AlS · Vienna Alumni), Instagram (ais_vienna_alumni), or follow us on Twitter (AIS · Vienna Alumni).