Alumni Vienna Quiz

Twice a year (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter) we post a Vienna, Austria or AIS related question. Your task will be to send us an e-mail with an answer (either to or Among the correct responses we get, a recent AIS community member will pull out a name from a hat. The winner will get a school T-shirt, sweatshirt, or other goodies.

Spring/Summer 2022 Quiz

Whether you are an alum, a retiree, a former parent, the grandparent of a current student, someone interested in joining the AISV Family, or just a friend of AISV, you can sign up online for our monthly newsletter to peek inside our community of innovative learners realizing their chosen futures with courage, curiosity, and joy.

The Question: What is the name of the AIS Vienna extended community newsletter?

a) View from the Hill

b) The Knights News

c) Globetrotting Around the World

d) None of the above

The winner of the Fall/Winter 2021/22 quiz is Ms. Holly Czuchna (former teacher). Congratulations!