Alumni Vienna Quiz

Twice a year (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter) we post a Vienna-, Austria- or AIS-related picture/question. Your task will be to send us an e-mail with an answer (either to or Among the correct responses we get, a recent AIS community member will pull out a name from a hat. The winner will get a school T-shirt, sweatshirt, or other goodies.

Fall/Winter 2021/22 Quiz

Some interesting facts to know before answering the below question:
  • Vienna is split into 23 districts, each with its own individual character and flavor
  • The smallest district is Josefstadt (the 8th) with 1.08 km2
  • The largest district is Donaustadt (the 22nd) with 102.3 km2
  • The least populated is Inner City (the 1st) with 16.450 people
  • The most populated is Favoriten (the 10th) with 201.882 people
  • The Danube, second largest river in Europe, runs through 10 countries and through 4 capital cities (incl. Vienna)
The Question: Which two Viennese districts are to the East of the Danube (as we call it "on the other side")?

The winner of the Spring/Summer 2021 quiz is Mr. Stephen "Steve" Barkanic '73. Congratulations!