Alumni Vienna Quiz

Twice a year (spring/summer and fall/winter) we post a Vienna or AIS-related picture or question. Your task will be to send us an e-mail with an answer (either to or Amongt the correct responses we get, a recent AIS student will pull out a name from a hat. The winner will get a school T-shirt, sweatshirt, or other goodies.

Good luck!

Spring/Summer Quiz 2018

The _______ is the former imperial palace in the center of Vienna. Built in the 13th century and expanded in the centuries since, the palace has been the seat of power of the Habsburg dynasty rulers, and today the official residence and workplace of the President of Austria. It was the principal imperial winter residence, as Schönbrunn Palace was the summer residence.

Fall/Winter Quiz 2017/18

The winner of the Fall/Winter 2017/18 quiz is Ms. Maggie (Leary) Barrett (Class of ´82). Congratulations!