Why Choose AIS Vienna?

Here are the top 10 reasons why families choose AIS Vienna.

1. ‘The Family’

When asked about what makes AIS special, longtime alumni and newcomers today all mention ‘the family,’ i.e. the powerful feeling of belonging to our welcoming, supportive, and diverse community that one feels as a student, parent, or faculty/staff member. This is the reason alumni send their children here, why retired teachers come back to substitute teach, and why newcomers transition so well. The family atmosphere here truly sets this school apart.

2. Our Outstanding Faculty

Our teachers are a dedicated group of individuals who take a deeply personal interest in their students; AIS Vienna is fortunate enough to include published authors, accomplished musicians and artists, and professional scientists among its faculty, some of whom have taught here for over two decades.

3. Our Diversity

We are the oldest international school in Vienna with diversity among our students (over fifty nationalities represented), diversity among our faculty (varied backgrounds and subject matter expertise), and diversity among our programs (English as an Additional Language, individual study programs, and both the US High School and IB diplomas are available in addition to comprehensive athletics and after school activities).

4. Our Approach to Individual Learning

AIS Vienna is committed to honoring the individual learning style and needs of each student. In the Elementary School, this translates to children working within an academic framework at their own pace and level; in the Middle and High School, this translates to students having individual programs of study and an array of options for course selection. We aim to always recognize a student’s uniqueness throughout their academic development at our school.

5. Our History of Student Achievement

AIS Vienna students achieve great success both inside and outside the classroom. Our challenging curriculum is designed to be university preparatory, and our alumni have gone on to the world’s top universities to lead established careers. Our results in international examinations are consistently above average, and we pride ourselves in being the top-scoring IB school in Vienna. Outside the classroom, our accomplished student athletes consistently find themselves at the top of the podium at international sports tournaments, and our student artists and musicians are invited to perform across the globe.

6. Our Tech-Savvy Campus

We are a school that prides itself in being technologically ‘connected’ in a variety of ways. Our website and school information system serve as the communicative hubs for our entire community, we maintain active social media portals, all our classrooms are equipped with Smart Boards, our Elementary School students have ample access to laptops and iPads, and beginning with Grade 5, students are given their own laptops each year. Our campus features a wireless internet and printing network, and our teachers work with e-learning platforms to ensure that both students and parents are up-to-date with the latest in-class happenings.

7. Our ‘State-Of-The-Art’ Arts Program

With the belief that art is essential to our humanity, AIS Vienna is committed to offering a comprehensive arts curriculum to its students. Younger students are introduced to a variety of art forms, all Grade 2 students participate in our Strings Program, and older students are given the chance to explore these forms more deeply. We are proud to offer art, sculpture, photography, dance, theater, choral and instrumental opportunities. Many students have had the chance to display their work and perform on an international level.

8. Our Athletics and After-School Activities

AIS Vienna offers an inclusive athletics program with ten competitive sports of varying levels across three athletic seasons plus a comprehensive after-school activities program including arts, music, language, athletic, and technological opportunities. When the school day ends at 3:15 PM, a new extracurricular world begins.

9. Our Campus

Our 11-acre campus overlooks the city and is adjacent to the famous Vienna Woods and the beautiful landscape of the Neustift vineyards, which provide a peaceful, conducive learning environment. Made up of seven adjoining buildings, the campus features libraries, a cafeteria, stellar sports facilities, seven science laboratories, art and music studios, a theater, and an outdoor classroom. The city of Vienna, regularly voted as the #1 city with the best quality of life in the world, makes up our ‘extended campus’ with frequent trips to its various museums and cultural offerings.

10. We’re Green!

We aim to be environmentally-friendly and to include this philosophy in our school’s curriculum and daily practices. From recycling stations around our campus, a school-wide ‘Earth Week’ to promote environmental efforts, Danube River clean-ups, on-campus tree planting, to vegetarian days provided by our catering services, we do our best to uphold sustainable practices and reduce our carbon footprint.

Child Safeguarding at AIS Vienna
In line with international CEESA school standards, AIS Vienna maintains strong child protection policies and procedures and our school strives to provide a safe and secure environment for all students. Read more about child protection at AIS Vienna in our Family Handbook.

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