Application Process


Parents must complete and submit an online application for each child. For a list of the application requirements, please click here.

The Admissions Office will contact parents about pending or missing requirements.

Submitting an application does not guarantee admission. A student may be admitted only if his/her application has been completed and reviewed positively and if a place is still available. Donations are not accepted from parents of applicants, their friends, or employers during the application process.


Each completed application is reviewed by the respective division's "Admissions Committee". The committees send the reviewed files back to the Admissions Office with their recommendations ("Accepted" / "Waitlisted" / "Denied").

In cases where any part of the application raises questions about learning abilities or behavior, we may require a psycho-educational evaluation through school-recommended specialists to accurately determine the level of support needed.

The Admissions Office will contact parents to inform them of the status of the application and next steps. Admissions decisions or testing requirements for the first semester are communicated or scheduled in April of the same year.

Admissions Testing

Whenever the application information, reports, and recommendations are not sufficient to confirm that the applicant meets the academic criteria, tests in English and Mathematics are required before a final decision is made.

For Elementary School applicants, testing may be required to confirm social-emotional readiness, academic readiness, and/or English proficiency, if places are still available. All Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Grade 1 applicants as well as all local applicants will be invited to academic readiness and/or English screening. Decisions will be made and communicated after the required screening or testing.

Grade 6 to 12 applicants who have never attended an English-instruction school but have otherwise performed well academically must first pass an English test to be admitted.

If places are still available, applicants with requirements submitted after March will be tested in May or early June (depending on teachers' availability), over the summer break (schedule-permitting), or in the first half of August.

Admission and Enrollment

Acceptance documents (welcome letters and information from the nurse, the Parent-Teacher-Forum, the lunch program and school bus service providers, etc.) are published on the online portal to parents. Parents must complete the Online Enrollment process, sign and return the Enrollment Contract and medical forms to the Admissions Office and pay a Reservation Fee before the given deadline.

Placement Testing for Middle and High School

Placement testing for all newly-admitted Middle and High School students (who have not been previously tested) must be completed the week before school begins. These tests help determine individual levels or possible gaps in Mathematics, Writing, and if applicable, in German, French, or Spanish.

High School student appointments must be arranged with our HS Counselors after testing to finalize course selection and the student's schedule before the first day of school. Parents must attend this meeting.

Final Admissions Requirements

Final reports and official transcripts of grades (with official English translations if not issued in English) of all new students from the previous school year or semester must be submitted to the Admissions Office except when the previous school issued no reports (younger students). Enrollment certificates may suffice.

The required medical forms must also be submitted to the school nurse before students start attending school.

New Student Orientation (August only)

All new students and parents are invited to attend the New Student Orientation scheduled the day before the first day of school. Tours will be arranged by student/parent volunteers and school personnel.

First Day of School

A new student will be assigned a Homeroom Teacher / Adviser. In addition, the division counselor will also assign a "buddy" to help the new student find his/her way around the school and adjust to the new environment within the first few weeks.