Welcome to Activities and Clubs at AIS Vienna!

We hope that you find the information on our website helpful. If you have a child participating in activities it is important that you read through our handbook located on the right of this page.

Our MS and HS students have the opportunity to join or create their own activities and clubs. Activities have a set 'season' and have, at least, one cumulating event. Clubs are more loose, meet when needed and are student driven.

ES students are served by our ASA program, which is under a pay to play system. For more information about our ASAs please see the ASA tab.

For more information about the Activities and Clubs that we offer, please see the Activities and Clubs List tab.

For a year view of all MS/HS Athletics and Activities please click here.

Athletics, Activities, and Events are under the responsibility of the Events Office Team.

Andy Harrison
Director of the Events Office
Tel. +43 1 40132 2401
Mob. +43 699 1 40132 40

Nick DeForest
Assistant Director of the Events Office
Tel. +43 1 40132 296
Mob. +43 699 140132 96

Claudia Bonek
Travel Liaison Officer & Assistant to the Events Office
Tel. +43 1 40132 2402
Mob. +43 699 1 40132 92

Karin Hackl
Events Coordinator
& Assistant to the Events Office
Tel. +43 1 40132 2591
Mob. +43 699 1 40132 59

Lucija Kvaternik
ASA Coordinator and Assistant to the Events Office
Mob. +43 699 1 4013266