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Go after your GOALS

The Soccer Factory provides an environment of encouragment, progress and fun, where your child is motivated to play to the best of their ability and are encouraged to progress through a series of age appropriate drills, fun games and matches. We are open to children of all abilities from beginner to high level, boys and girls from 4-14 years are all welcome. Our highly motivated coaches will endeavour to improve the ability of every child that attends the Soccer Factory.


This session from 3.30-5.00pm on Mondays is for boys and girls from 10-13 year olds.

This session aims to firstly improve foundation fitness and to progress to football specific fitness, this will be accomplished with and without the ball, so whilst still a lot of ball work involved there will be a greater emphasis on cardio work and muscle strength. We will still run matches at the end but with procedure in place to greatly increase intensity. The session will be high in motivation whilst keeping a strong fun element. If you child is aiming to get fit or add to an already good fitness level then this session is for them.

Age group & Cost
10-13yrs @ 90 mins per session € 136.00



2019/20 Monday Dates

  • September: 9., 16., 23., 30.
  • October: 7., 14., 21., 28.


This session from 5.15-6.45 on Wednesdays is for boys and girls from 7-12 year olds. this 90 minute session is aimed to develop skills, fitness and increase tactical knowledge with organized scrimmages. Once again, the sessions will include appropiate skills and drill activities at a more intermediate level.

Age group & Cost
7-9yrs @ 90 mins per session € 255.00
10-12yrs @ 90 mins per session € 255.00


2019/20 Wednesday Dates

  • September: 11.,18.,25.
  • October: 2.,9.,16.,23.,30.
  • November: 6.,13.,20.,27.
  • December: 4.,11.,18.


The Friday sessions are run exactly along the same lines as our Saturday program, in this way they compliment our Saturday program by offering an extra coaching session and of course increased ball time, more is better when it comes to practice!

Please note AIS children between PK and 1st grade,attending the Friday session can "upon request" be taken directly to the session from their grade level IA.

Age group & Cost *
4-6yrs @ 60 mins per session € 192.00
7-10yrs @ 90 mins per session € 272.00
10-12yrs @ 90 mins per session € 272.00
12-14yrs @ 90 mins per session € 272.00

* we are full now on the Friday sessions for 7-10 and 10-12yrs. You can apply to the waiting list or look at either Saturday (nearly full) , Monday or Wednesday!

3.30-4.30pm for 4-6yrs
3.30-5.00pm for 7-14yrs

2019/20 Friday Dates

  • September: 6.,13.,20.,27.
  • October: 4.,11.,18.,25.
  • November: 1.,8.,15.,22.,29.
  • December: 6.,13.,20.


ALL GROUPS from 10:00 - 11:30

  • The 10:00-11:00 session is for 4-6 year olds. This session lasts for 60 minutes and caters for our young soccer stars of the future. Fun skills and drills develop confidence and games provide an opportunity for competition at an appropriate level. This program costs € 204.00
  • The 10:00-11:30 session is for 7-9 year olds. This 90-minute session is aimed to develop skills, fitness and increase tactical knowledge with organized scrimmages. Once again, the sessions will include appropriate skills and drill activities at a more intermediate level. This program costs € 289.00
  • The 10:00-11:30 is for 10-12 year olds who will experience a more intense approach to skills, fitness and tactical knowledge. A familiar theme of drills and structured games provides many opportunities for development. This program costs € 289.00

  • The 10:00-11:30 for 12-14 year olds. With 12-14 year olds we will look to develop their football intelligence, tactical awareness and positioning. Also conditioning takes on more importance as we look to move on to full pitch matches, again their will be a mix of drills and matches to develop and improve all of the afore mentioned areas. This program costs € 289.00

  • ++ Fit for Football ++

  • The 10:00-11:30 session for 14-18 year olds, both boys and girls will concentrate on increasing strength and conditioning both in terms of foundation fitness progressing to soccer specific fitness, there will still be a lot ball work and a focus on technical skills with small sided games included with a high intensity in all aspects.
  • Participants will gain an increased level of fitness and ball skills which will stand then in good stead throughout the school football season and for the participation in sports for the remainder of the school year.
  • This session will be on a weekly sign in basis, with a fee of €17 due on the day of the session
  • Coach Conor Maguire reserves the right to suggest movement between these groups, should the need arise. For example, it may be more appropriate for a younger child to attend an older group based on their skill level.
  • For questions please contact Conor:

  • August: 31.
  • September: 7., 14. (PLEASE NOTE: start at 3:00pm!), 21.,28.
  • October: 5.,12.,19.,26.
  • November: 2.,9.,16.,23.,30.
  • December: 7.,14.,21.

Registration and Payment


Please be reminded that in registering you make a commitment to the program, it takes up time to complete registrations and also your child may prevent another child from taking up a place at the Soccer Factory as our numbers are currently very high. Also we employ our coaches based on the number of kids per session so for these afore mentioned reasons please only register if you are sure of attending.

Please note that there is a 25% sibling discount when attending the full program only!

Please register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment because some classes fill very quickly.

To register for this program please email Conor at with the following information:

Name of Parent/Guardian
Email Address
Day Telephone Number
Handy or Emergency Number
Child's First Name
Child's Last Name
Child's Age and Birth Date

Conor will acknowledge receipt of your registration and let you know that all is well.

Please note that neither AIS nor the respective instructors accept responsibility for accidents or injury associated with the program.


Please make all payments to the following account:

Conor Maguire
Erste Bank