ASA Semester One

Welcome Parents and Students,

Registration begins on August 25th at 12:00 p.m. for Tennis and on August 26th at 12:00 p.m. for all other activities.
(Swimming will come up in October and is planned for Mondays)

The first semester of the ASA program for the 2021/22 school year will begin on the 6th September (please check specific start dates for some activities). Please refer to the specific dates listed for each activity. The first semester will end on Dec 17th.

NOTE: All ASA’s will follow our AIS COVID-19 protocols which reflect the instructions we receive from the authorities.

For questions please contact Karin Hackl at 0699-140 132 59 or Lucija Kvaternik at 0699-140 132 66

New registration process
Please watch the registration step by step guide VIDEO before clicking to register your child/children for the ASA Program


Chess (K-2) (3-5)

Engineering (K-2)

Kids Dance (K-2)

Spanish (KG-2)

Tennis (PK-12)

Theater Arts (3-5)

Swimming (PK-3)


Computer Minecraft (2-5)

Engineering (3-5)

Mini Chef (2-5)

Tennis (PK-12)

Swimming (2-9)


Ball Sports (KG-5)

Gymnastics (PK-5)

Tennis (PK-12)

Thaiboxing & Life Kinetik (3-6)


Basketball Clinic (2-5)

Taekwondo (2-6)

Spanish (3-5)

Tennis (PK-12)

Theater Arts (3-5)


Girls Run Vienna (3-5)

Science (3-5)

Tennis (PK-12)


Tennis (PK-12)


Basketball Academy

Tennis (PK-12)

Activity Details