ASA Semester One

Welcome Parents and Students,

The first semester of the ASA program for the 2019/20 school year will begin on the 9th September (please check specific start dates for some activities). Please refer to the specific dates listed for each activity. The first semester will end on Dec 18th.

For questions please contact Justin Carnahan 0699 1 4013266 or Karin Hackl at 0699-140 132 59

Activities Per Day


Arty Smarties (PK-2)

Chess (K-2) (3-5)

Engineering (3-5)

Guitar (3-5) Beginners

Tennis (PK-12)

Theater Arts (3-5)


Ballet/Jazz (K-2)

Cub Scouts

Computer Minecraft (2-5)

Engineering (1-2)

Guitar (4-8) Advanced

Mini Chef (PK-2)

Open Art Studio (Gr. 4-5)

Oracy (3-5)

Tennis (PK-12)


Ball Sports (KG-5)

German PK-2

Girl Scouts

Gymnastics (PK-5)

Swimming (PK-12)

Tennis (PK-12)


Basketball (2-5)

Fun Music (KG-2)

Swimming (PK-12)

Spanish (2-5)

Taekwondo (2-6)

Tennis (PK-12)


Fine Motor Skills (PK-2)

Girls Run Vienna (3-5)

Science (3)

Science (4-5)

Swimming (PK-12)


Basketball (1-4)

Activity Details