After School Activities

Welcome parents to our ASA Program page for 2019/20. The ASA program is fee based and offers a wide variety of activities for primarily elementary students. For more details and to register for the activities please click on the appropriate link in the menu bar to the left of this page or open the banner below.

The AIS After School Activity Program offers students the opportunity to participate in guided, engaging activities that complement and enhance the curriculum that guides their daily education. Students are able to interact with friends and students from different grade levels while participating in a wide range of activities. The program also offers after school care for parents.

To read about the registration procedure please click HERE

Semester 1
Registration begins on August 28th for Swimming and Tennis and on August 29th at 12:00 for all other activities. Classes will begin on September 9th.

Semester 2
ASA Semester Two offers will be updated near the end of Semester 1. Please check back later to read about all the exciting programs we are offering. Registration for all activities will be during our first week back after Winter Break.

If you have any questions please contact me, Justin Carnahan at

Rules and Regulations

1. Fees:
There is a set fee for all activities (except for Tennis and Swimming) which is set by the school. 8 Euros for 1 hour activities and 12 Euros for 1.5 hour activities.

2. Payment Policy:
a) FULL payment is due ON or BEFORE the first class.
b) Payment may be made in cash (at the first class) or by bank transfer (before the first class). The instructors will inform you by email which method they prefer. Where necessary they will provide the bank details.

3. Refund Policy:
a) When a student leaves the ASA within the first three classes then a refund will be given. This refund will be equal to the cost of classes from class four to the end of the course.
b) After the fourth session NO refund will be given unless a medical certificate is provided or unless other exceptional circumstances occur (such as leaving the school). The refund will be equal to the cost of the number of classes to be missed.

4. Attendance:
It is VERY important that we know when your child will not be attending their ASA. When students are absent from school we already have a record that they will not be at their ASA and you do not need to inform us. However, if you have another appointment or your child cannot attend for any other reason, PLEASE let us know. You can send a note with your child directed to the ES secretary or their home room teacher or you can call Justin Carnahan 0699 1 4013266 or Karin Hackl at 0699-140 132 59
This information is needed to make sure that all children are where they should be and no student takes a bus home where no one is waiting for them.

5. Late Scheduled ASA’s:
If your child participates in a late scheduled ASA your child must leave the school premises and return for the start of their activity. No child can be unsupervised on campus.

6. Cancelled Classes:
If an instructor has to cancel an ASA for any reason, you will be informed as soon as possible. A make-up class will be arranged or a refund will be given.

7. Pick Up from ASA’s:
It is important to note you must pick your child up immediately after the ASA ends from the room where the activity is being held. If you are late to pick up your child, the instructor will call you and establish the situation. Your child will be taken to the guard at the main school entrance. We have put in place a “3 strike” rule for late pickups. If instructors have to call and/or wait three times for the pickup of your child, then said child may be removed from ASA’s.