The AIS Vienna High School Counseling Program is committed to working with students and families, providing a holistic approach with supportive services. Our objective is to address the needs of students in the four main domains that impact an international student- academic, socio-emotional, postsecondary planning and global-perspective.

Services are delivered to parents and students through classroom presentations, workshops, parent coffee presentations and individual meetings. Students are always welcome in the counselling office whether they just want to stop by to connect or if they want to meet one on one regarding any academic or social/emotional concerns.


AIS Vienna provides an online tool for students in the High School called Cialfo. Throughout their four years in High School, students will explore personality tests, student learner profiles, career inventories, and university planning on Cialfo. Students and parents can access Cialfo with their personal login information for Veracross.

University Representatives Visiting AIS Vienna

You are welcome to register for a visit through the Cialfo Explore platform. We would be delighted to have you over to present your school, either visiting our campus or setting up a virtual meeting. We have available a 40-minute block Monday-Friday (except Wednesdays) in our schedule before lunch when students can sign up through CIALFO to meet with representatives in small groups. This time slot runs from 11:05 a.m.-11:45 a.m. Looking forward to having you at AIS Vienna!

University Visits

Students and parents can sign up to meet with the representatives on Cialfo. Please check Scoops for our updated university visit schedule. Contact Mrs. Martinez-Solano in the Counseling Office if you need additional assistance.

SAT Testing

AIS Vienna is a closed test center for the SAT. Testing is administered only to AIS Vienna students.

Visit for more information on test centers in Vienna.