Strategic Plan 2021-2026

Our Journey to Excellence, Continued

We welcome you to AIS Vienna today - and to the vision of tomorrow. An excellent school is continuously improving. We are always looking for ways to thoughtfully pursue new ideas, new possibilities and new ways to be the best version of ourselves.

We are strongly committed to retaining the DNA of AIS Vienna. Guiding our students to learn, grow and adapt, and prepare for a rapidly changing world remains our core objective.

We go forward empowered by our deep care for our students, knowing that it is our responsibility to help them to be ready.

Below you will find our AIS Vienna Strategic Plan priorities.

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AIS Vienna Strategic Planning Presentation 2021-2026

Strategic Plan Priorities

Teaching & Learning

Empowering students to strive for personal growth and excellence.

    1. Enhance and align adaptive program offerings to provide a student-centered learning experience that empowers students in a personalized pathway towards growth and excellence.
    2. Strengthen and develop student centered instructional approaches that maximize access to learning for each student that is differentiated for abilities, interests, learning needs and diverse perspectives.
    3. Invest in professional development for faculty, educational resources, and technology that promote inclusive student centered instructional practices within a diverse community.

Character & Community

Cultivating ethical, purposeful and balanced citizens of a diverse community.

    1. Set and reinforce expectations of what it means to be an AIS Vienna citizen in a community that embraces diversity, equity and inclusion, building on the foundation of ethical character, purposeful action and international mindedness.
    2. Provide varied opportunities to engage students in purposeful service learning and community involvement.
    3. Demonstrate a commitment to balance the emotional, physical and intellectual well-being of each student.


Creating spaces to support innovative learning.

    1. Ensure a long-term facilities plan through an intentional focus on resource and space utilization to support solutions for student centered and innovative learning spaces.
    2. Plan and provide for high quality classroom environments with optimized space and conditions for teaching and learning.
    3. Improve accessibility, sustainability, safety and whole school cohesiveness across the campus.
    4. Create open and inviting communal spaces for increasing opportunities for peer-to-peer collaboration, interaction, and community-building experiences.


Stewarding resources to support current and future students.

    1. The budget process is structured in support and driven by the strategic priorities of the school, to provide a sustainable program of excellence for current and future students.
    2. Monitor finance and budgeting and establish multi-year targets to ensure sustainable, high quality learning environment and opportunities for students.
    3. Invest in our human, facility, and financial resources to further our academic goals while remaining efficient through analysis of qualitative and quantitative data.
    4. Ensure that resources growth over time matches or exceeds the school’s capital and operational needs.