Strategic Plan 2016-2021

Vision For The Plan

To be a center of innovation and excellence, renowned for fulfilling its mission-driven promises to inspire student success in a changing and complex world.

Governance & Leadership

Stable, effective governance and vibrant leadership, which model, and are based on, trust and accountability.

Benchmark governance against international school best practices, in the context of AIS Vienna history, and challenge existing structures and systems.

Implement continuous improvement and professional development for administration and board to drive innovative and effective leadership and sustainable governance.

Develop, implement, and nurture effective and transparent communication and inclusive feedback mechanisms to help guide governance and leadership activities.

Learning & Human Capital

A collaborative culture of innovation and continuous improvement in teaching and learning for excellence in a complex, dynamic world.

Ensure a continuum of development for a diverse student body, which is well-supported at all levels, and where creativity, passion, and achievement are fostered across the spectrum.

Maintain a cohesive, dynamic, high quality 21st century curriculum, characterized by depth and opportunities for differentiation.

Promote innovative and purposeful technology use and integration.

Work as a community to nurture a culture of mutual support and respect.

Recruit, develop, appraise, and retain high quality faculty and staff.

Identity & Communication

A clear, compelling identity and brand, recognized locally and globally. Communication will be targeted, managed, and timely.

Clearly define a common understanding of our identity, which honors our diversity and history.

Develop and implement a marketing plan to promote our school and its brand.

Establish strategic partnerships locally, regionally, and internationally to benefit the school and students.

Develop, implement, and monitor a targeted communication plan.

Finance, Risk Management, Resources

Responsible management of resources that enables AIS to fulfill its educational promises and environmental responsibilities.

Actively maintain and communicate the existing financial model and include response models to stress scenarios.

Optimize the competitiveness of AIS’s compensation package on the international educator market.

Prioritize green and innovative opportunities.

Invest in technology to anticipate educational demands in the 21st century.

Explore sustainable additional streams of funding and maximize those opportunities.

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