Serious Educational Games

Dr. Inez Harker-Schuch, of The Planet Academy, spent two days with the 6th grade trialing 3D learning tools and serious educational games (SEGs) to improve understanding and knowledge related to the planetary boundaries and the sustainable development goals (SDGs) – with a particular focus on climate change and biodiversity.

The learning design behind The Planet Academy's project is based on an international research project that developed and tested the world's first environmental literacy framework. The project was started to foster hope, innovation, and action competence – and to ensure young people have the knowledge and skills needed to prepare and manage their future. In addition to the learning tools and SEGs, The Planet Academy program also includes fieldwork and emission reduction activities; the first is to encourage more young people to enjoy the outdoors and the second is to show that small, regular efforts undertaken within a community can make an extraordinary, powerful, world-changing difference.

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