MS Eco-Club

As part of the MS Future Forward initiative our MS students have created an Eco-Club. Their objective is to follow the Eco-Schools seven steps program to achieve the Green Flag award. Currently they are on number three (designing an action plan). The MS Eco-Club also carried out a sustainability assessment of the school and identified three areas that they wanted to focus on: water, energy, and marine.

Activities include cleaning up the school grounds, contests to promote eco organizations, poster making encouraging eco positive behaviors, along with fundraising for various non-profit organizations like WWF, Four Paws, and Nabu.

The MS Eco-Club is a great example of our environmental ethics & sustainability in action and supports our AIS Vienna Mission to empower each student with the skills and character strengths necessary to be positively impactful global citizens who strive for personal growth and excellence in an ever-changing world.

Visit the MS Eco-Club website for more information.

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