HS Student Led MUN in Vienna

Congratulations to the members of the AIS MUNoV team! AIS delegates excelled at the MUNoV Conference held at the UN headquarters in Vienna, January 15-17, 2020. Most of our delegates were main submitters of resolutions, and many delegates earned individual awards: two honourable mentions, one most improved delegate award, and five best delegate awards, along with one highest accommodation.

The AIS delegation was small in numbers (11 students, 6% of total delegates) but won 45% of the best delegate awards.

During the Conference the students were given the opportunity to visit some of the IAEA offices and spoke with IAEA data scientists about the mission and responsibilities carried by the agency. Our students were utterly impressed by the gravity of the work performed at the UN headquarters in Vienna and asked very insightful and spot on questions. One of the data scientists commented after the visit that our students asked the same kind of questions ambassadors and heads of delegations ask. The students realized how what they are currently learning in HS subjects like physics, math, chemistry, biology, computer science, languages etc. is relevant to the work large international organizations do and intensified their aspirations to participate in such meaningful highly influential endeavors as future professionals.

As part of their preparation for attending MUNoV, the students also visited the UK mission in Vienna and discussed with the Head of UK Delegation to the OSCE in Vienna, Neil Bush and other officers of the mission. The students were very grateful for the opportunity to visit the UK mission.

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