HS Limbs Club Meets Leader of LIMBS International

The AIS HS Limbs Club had the honor to host a Zoom meeting with the leader of LIMBS International, Oscar Gonzalez Montoya, on January 18, 2021.

LIMBS International is a non-profit organization, founded in 2004, that aims to fund prosthetic limbs and rehabilitation services to amputees worldwide. In 2019, LIMBS International provided more than 6,000 prosthetic devices to low-income amputees in over 49 separate nations.

Our HS Limbs Club has been supporting LIMBS International since February 2016 raising awareness and fundraising with projects that include traditional bake sales, walks, concerts, etc.

Mr. Gonzalez is the President and Community Based Rehabilitation Director for Limbs International. Gonzalez has worked for non-profit organizations for the last two decades; he has served as the LIMBS Community Based Rehabilitation Director for the last six years.

Mr. Gonzalez also discussed future expansions planned for LIMBS International in his talk. LIMBS plans to promote and disseminate awareness for prophylaxis of diabetes to avoid amputation and increase the capacity for its job-training facilities to assist in reintegration.

Mr. Gonzalez shared many heartwarming and insightful clips and images that showcased the inner workings and positive impacts of LIMBS International.

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