Celebrating Achievement: Our IB Results

Congratulations to the 51 students who completed their IB exams and coursework this past spring!

AIS had a fantastic 100% Diploma pass rate with students earning a 36.9 average total score, and our average course score was 5.82. We had 17 students who scored 40-45 points including three students who earned 45 points.

The Class of 2021 should be proud of their accomplishments, especially considering the challenges they faced over the past two academic years. We know their IB experience has prepared them well for university and the future.

Congratulations to our students! We're so very proud of you!

Click here for our AIS Vienna Results Summary from the classes of 2017-2021.

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Safeguarding and Child Protection
In line with emerging international school best practice, AIS Vienna maintains strong child protection policies and procedures and our school strives to provide a safe and secure environment for all students.

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