Celebrating 60 Years of Excellence!

We have held multiple events over the last few weeks to commence celebrations of our 60th Anniversary. AIS was founded in September of 1959. Enrollment at that time was 234 students representing 17 nationalities. We now serve nearly 800 students with over 60 nationalities.

It was great fun to have AIS Vienna Alumna, and CEO of Metropole Magazine, Maggie Childs, back on campus to speak to our school community. We were also grateful to have Deputy Mayor of the 19th District, Dr. Robert Wutzl, speak to our students and accept a commemorative plaque honoring our partnership with the 19th district and Vienna as a thank you for our mutual cooperation and support. Nearly 900 of us then stood for the above 'family' photo.

The special alumni gatherings on May 2 and May 4 were extraordinary as measured by their attendance and by the spirit displayed by alumni from the class of 1959 through 2018! Over 350 alumni from all over the world attended either Thursday's gathering at the home of US Ambassador Traina or the special Saturday alumni event held in our AIS Theater just before our annual International Food Festival and All-School 60th Anniversary Celebration. Thanks to Thursday's speakers Ambassador Traina and Danielle Spera, and to Saturday's speakers Predrag "Preddy" Ristic (Class of 1971), Mackenzie Dawson (Class of 1995 and Treasurer of the AIS Foundation), and Christoph Lhotka (Class of 2019!). Students gave tours across the building, a fantastic group of retired staff were on hand, and the stories and memories shared by hundreds of former AIS students and teachers provided ongoing testimonial to the school's special place in the lives of so very many.

We are humbled and profoundly affected by all of these gatherings. As we look to continued celebrations of our school next fall and beyond, it is heartwarming and fulfilling to have the support of our alumni network (now totaling over 13,500), who understand and feel the presence of the AIS core values, and who support us staying vibrant, strong, and ready to serve future generations of AIS students.

Click here for more photos from all of the events. Remember, the celebrations are just beginning!

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In line with emerging international school best practice, AIS Vienna maintains strong child protection policies and procedures and our school strives to provide a safe and secure environment for all students.

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