Frequently Asked Questions

General School Information

What are the school hours? How does your school calendar look?

Students should be in their classroom at 8:15 AM and all classes are dismissed at 3:15 PM, Mondays through Fridays. The school year begins in the third week of August and ends in mid-June. For our current year-view calendar please click here.

Where is the school located?

Our school is located in Vienna's 19th district near the Vienna woods. The area is in the outskirts of the city. You can learn more about how to get to AIS here.

Does AIS provide boarding facilities?

No, we do not have any boarding facilities and all of our students must live with parents (or school-approved legal guardians) while enrolled.

How can we arrange to see the school?

To arrange an appointment to visit the school, please contact the Admissions Office.

Approximately how many students attend AIS?

Enrollment is between 750 and 790 students from Pre-K to Grade 12. The maximum class size is 21, the average is 18.

Where can I find information about the tuition and other fees?

You can find the latest fee schedule here. School fees are adjusted every year for inflation and are published after budget approval by parents during the Winter General Assembly.

Where do AIS teachers come from and how long do they usually stay?

Our teaching staff come from all over the world and represent 21 different nationalities, with the majority being US citizens. Over 70% of our teachers hold advanced degrees. The average stay at AIS is about ten years.

What is the average length of stay of students at AIS?

The average length of stay is 3-5 years. We do however have many families who stay with us for several more years or until the children graduate.

Is there a school uniform?

No, we do not have a school uniform. There are sports tracksuits available for purchase to be used during athletic tournaments.

Does AIS have a food/lunch program?

Yes, AIS outsources the food program to SV Group; click here for more information on their lunch and breakfast services. Kindly note that lunch fees are not included in the tuition fees and SV Group invoices parents directly.

Students are also welcome to bring their own packed lunch if preferred.

What is the security like at AIS?

The AIS Administration ensures that the school remains a secure and safe place for families. All major entrances and office doors are electronically locked. Visitors must have appointments with or be accompanied by an AIS staff member. Parents and family members are provided with ID cards which must be presented to security officers before they enter the premises.

What are the profiles of families at AIS and where do most of them live?

The majority of AIS students are from international families who come to and live in Vienna for work-related reasons; many parents work for embassies and permanent missions, international organizations, or multi-national corporations. The majority of our families live in Vienna's 19th and 18th districts.

How do children get to and from school?

Some students are driven to school by parents and others come by public transport, as we are also located close to the end station of the 35A bus line which has connections to the underground station U4/U6 Spittelau and the S-Bahn station Krottenbachstrasse.

Approximately 200 students take the school buses (see next question).

Does AIS provide school buses?

AIS outsources bus services to Blaguss; click here for more information about the school bus program. Blaguss directly invoices parents or employers.

If you would like a copy of the latest version of the school bus schedule, please contact the Admissions Office.

Are parents encouraged to be involved in the school?

Yes! Our Parent-Teacher Forum (PTF) welcomes new volunteers/members all the time. They help to organize school functions and social activities for new parents, work as fundraisers, and also assist as country coordinators, grade level representatives, and room parents.

I would like to be in contact with a parent at your school. Can you recommend anyone I can get in touch with?

We would be happy to connect you with one of our country coordinators; please contact the Admissions Office with your request.

Academic Programs

What is the language of instruction?

English is our language of instruction. We also offer varying levels of German instruction to students from Grades 1 to 12, along with French and Spanish as optional courses in Middle and High School (starting in Grade 7). Children who receive EAL (English as an Additional Language) support are not given German lessons until they are exited from this intensive English learning program.

Does AIS offer native language ("mother tongue") classes?

With the exception of German, we unfortunately cannot facilitate lessons in every mother tongue, but we do work with language teachers and may be able to recommend private tutors.

How will my non-English-speaking child manage in an English language school?

It is important to know that children with limited or no English will not be alone at AIS. About twenty percent of our students are still learning English. Classroom teachers have welcomed many children who do not speak English into their classrooms so they are very good at helping children make friends, learn routines, participate as much as they can, and find success at school from the very first day.

In the Elementary School, your child will also see an EAL (English as an Additional Language) specialist each day for 35-45 minutes within their instructional time. This support combined with a predominantly English-speaking class environment contribute significantly to the successful immersion and transition of English language learners. Our EAL teachers have a great deal of experience helping new students with very limited English proficiency to feel comfortable at AIS and learn English as quickly as possible. We use every resource available to help make sure your child feels comfortable and understood. We have multi-lingual staff, students, and community members who are always happy to help us communicate with children who are not able to do so on their own. You will be surprised at how quickly your child will learn and become proficient in their new language.

Students entering Grade 7 or 8 with intermediate English proficiency are still provided some support in Reading and Writing in preparation for the more rigorous High School English program.

At the High School level where academic expectations are higher, students must already be able to demonstrate an advanced level of English proficiency. Our admissions process ensures that we offer places to students who meet the entrance criteria and can most likely successfully complete our rigorous program.

Does AIS require the purchase of laptops for student use?

AIS implements a 1:1 laptop program from Grades 5 to 12, where each student is provided with a Microsoft Windows laptop to use at school and at home.

Students from pre-K to Grade 3 have access to iPads; they start working with laptops in Grade 4.

All of these mobile devices are included in the tuition fees.

What national and international standardized tests are administered at AIS?

Students in Grade 3 through 9 take MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) tests in Reading, Language Usage, and Mathematics. High School students can take the PSAT (Grade 10 and 11), and SAT tests as needed. AP (Advanced Placement) exams are offered in a few subjects.

What leaving certificates or diplomas may be awarded to students at AIS?

AIS offers an American curriculum as well as the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program (Grade 11 and 12). All students are eligible to graduate with the American High School Diploma and additionally, the full IB Diploma or IB courses / certificates.

Does AIS offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses?

With the exception of AP Statistics, and occasionally, AP Computer Science, we do not offer AP courses in general. Equivalent courses in the IB program, however, may be available.

Can AIS graduates attend universities anywhere in the world? Can they also attend Austrian universities?

Recent graduates from AIS have enrolled in colleges and universities in several different countries around the world although majority choose to study in the US and the UK. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is recognized worldwide, as well as in Austria, and in the EU. However, specific course and grade requirements differ depending on the university, degree, and country. Our High School university counselors make every effort to stay informed about changing admissions requirements and work closely with the administration and teachers in assisting students and parents with course selection. We remain committed to helping students work towards and meet the requirements for admission to their preferred universities / colleges.

Which universities / colleges accept AIS graduates?

Please visit our Counseling page for a list of colleges and universities where our recent graduates have been admitted.

Co-/Extra-Curricular and Athletic Programs

Are there after school and sports activities at AIS?

Students from Kindergarten to Grade 5 can sign up for After School Activities (ASAs); click here for a list of current options.

Students in Middle and High School can join a variety of service learning, academic, special interest, and sports-related clubs; click here for our Activities and Clubs list.

Do AIS students participate in international and local sports tournaments?

AIS competes in the International Schools Sports Tournaments (ISST) for High School, the Sports Council for International Schools (SCIS) at the High and Middle School levels, and the Danube Valley Athletic Conference (DVAC) for Middle School ‘B’ teams. Our Athletics Program offers nine different competitive sports divided into three different seasons. Click here for more information.

Upper Elementary School students occasionally participate in a sports exchange with schools in the Danube Valley region.

Does AIS have an After School Care Club?

Yes, there is an After School Care Club available through the ASA program. This program only runs if enough students are registered. Long term, regular, after school care should be arranged privately.

Admission and Enrollment

When can I apply on my child's behalf?

For semester 1 or August enrollment, we begin accepting applications from February of the same year. For mid-year enrollment, qualified students may be admitted on a rolling basis for Grade 1 through 8 based on place availability.

We begin processing second semester applications in October.

New High School students must begin within two weeks from the beginning of each semester. For Grade 9 students who arrive late in the semester but have been attending a school with a similar academic program, we may be able to accommodate if their previous courses match ours.

Does the school maintain waiting lists?

Yes, when we have more applications from qualified applicants than currently available places, these applicants are placed on a waiting list; parents are contacted as soon as a place becomes available.

What are my child's chances of getting admitted?

Places are offered based on place availability (which varies every year based on student departures and new applications per grade level), our admissions criteria / guidelines, and the applicant's priority category under the admissions policy. Please visit the admissions section of our website for details.

High School applicants will only be considered for admission if they are able to demonstrate an advanced proficiency of English either through our in-house English test or through their scores on a recognized international English proficiency test such as the TOEFL or IELTS.

When will I be informed if my child has been offered a place at AIS?

For August entry, we begin notifying families starting April 1. For second semester or mid-year enrollment, decisions are communicated after an application has been completed and reviewed. Testing may be required before a final decision is made. The application review may take between two to three weeks, usually longer if there is a school break in between.

Do we need to come to AIS for an interview or entrance exams?

Occasionally, we invite Elementary School applicants to come for testing if there are any questions or concerns regarding their English language proficiency or academic performance.

All newly-admitted Middle and High School students must take placement tests in Mathematics, EAL (English as an Additional Language), and Modern Languages (if applicable) before they start attending school.

Interviews are generally not required for entry to AIS but families are welcome to visit and meet with the Admissions Office to have their questions answered and get a tour of the school.

How is grade level placement determined?

For younger students, we follow a strict policy cut-off date of September 1. A child must be four to enter Pre-Kindergarten, five to enter Kindergarten and six to enter Grade 1, on or before the cut-off date. After this, other factors such as readiness, maturity, academic history, and level of motivation are taken into account .

We place students coming from different national educational systems at their grade level equivalent in the American program. Please see this comparative table to check your child's US grade level equivalent.

For students whose countries of origin follow a different school year (e.g. South Africa, Japan, South Korea) and who arrive during our second semester, students are placed in the same grade level they last attended.

Does my child have to strictly join AIS on a specific date, such as the beginning of the new school year?

While we encourage new students to start on the first day of each semester, we may also accept qualified students from Pre-K to Grade 8 who apply to begin mid-year. New High School students may not start later than the first two (2) weeks of each semester to earn the credits required for graduation.

My child has specific learning needs, how will I know if these can be met at AIS?

Our divisional learning support teams are able to provide support to students with mild to moderate learning needs.

Parents must provide psycho-educational evaluations, individual learning plans (ILP) and progress reports as part of the application process. If these are not provided, the school may request for an evaluation by a qualified and recommended specialist. The child will still need to be tested before a decision is made.

How can I pay the application fee?

You can pay this non-refundable fee by bank transfer or arrange to come to the school and pay by credit / debit card. You can also pay online through the admissions portal. For our bank account information and fee schedule, click here.

AIS does not offer scholarships or discounts at this time.

Does an applicant at AIS need medical examinations?

Medical examinations are not required at the time of the application; admitted students, however, may not start attending school without first submitting the medical forms completed by parents and a physician / doctor.

How long will I have to confirm acceptance if a place is offered?

As soon as you have received an offer, you will have two weeks to confirm acceptance. This includes paying the reservation fee and returning the signed agreements and medical forms.

How do you select my child’s teacher(s)?

The division principals and counselors work with teachers in determining homeroom and course placement for both returning and new students. Factors such as gender, native language, personalities, interests, academic history, and strengths are considered. It is therefore important for parents of applicants to provide the required information during the application process.

Safeguarding and Child Protection
In line with emerging international school best practice, AIS Vienna maintains strong child protection policies and procedures and our school strives to provide a safe and secure environment for all students.

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