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College Counseling

Many of the counseling programs in high school center around college planning and placement, with junior year being the formal start of the College Search and Application Process (CSAP).  In November of the junior year, an introduction to the CSAP is presented to students and parents.  At this meeting, the process is explained in general and then parents are asked to set an appointment (the Junior Conference) with the counselor during the months of January and/or February.  During the Junior Conference, the AIS Guide to College Admissions is given to the student and parents. This guide outlines the CSAP and includes information on: Junior and Senior year timelines, college selection criteria, application procedures, essays, resumes, financial aid and scholarships, and various country requirements (Austria, Australia, Europe, Japan, UK, and United States).

The counselor is available at any time – for any High School student – to answer questions regarding the college process.  Junior year, however, is the critical time to begin the process because vital academic information is available.  Additionally, throughout the year, students have the opportunity to meet with college representatives from around the world who visit AIS.  These visits are advertised on the Newsflash, in the School Scoops, and in the Daily Bulletin.



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