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Issue 18, 12. January 2017

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This Week at AIS - Important Dates


Thursday Jan 12 Day 5 Day 6 PTF Out and About
Friday Jan 13 Day 6 Day 7 MS Basketball to Munich
Saturday Jan 14      
Sunday Jan 15      
Monday Jan 16 Day 1 Day 8 HS Exams Begin
Tuesday Jan 17 Day 2 Day 1  
Wednesday Jan 18 Day 3 Day 2  
Thursday Jan 19 Day 4 Day 3  

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Happy New Year!


It seems that things are back in full swing here at AIS after a long and well deserved break.

Welcome back!


SV Group - Introduction to New Management


My name is Robert Edelsbrunner and I am the new SV Group site manager at AIS. After finishing my studies at the University for Business and Economics, I worked in hospitality in various positions. As F&B Manager I opened two Hotels in Vienna. Looking for a new challenge, I applied for a position as Unit Manager at SV Group. I joined the SV Group and they gave me the opportunity to become the “Betriebsleiter” for the catering services at AIS Vienna. Dedicated to my new activities and duties, I am happy to join the AIS family. Please feel free to contact me directly regarding any issues with the school catering. You can reach me at 01 40132 2210 or at I assure you my utmost cooperation.

Robert Edelsbrunner, SV Group Manager


Transportation Corner


Happy new year to all! We have returned to start a new year where we continue to face daily transportation challenges whether using the system on a regular basis or occasionally. Regardless of your use, all AIS community members are expected to be mindful of the rules regarding the transportation system.

Please be reminded of the following daily responsibilities as you get back into the routine of coming to campus:

Beginning Monday, January 16, 2017, all individuals utilizing the transportation system must either show an ID card or a ticket to utilize the service.  Please advise your family members to contact Gregory Blackley directly if the registration has been completed and you do not have an ID card.  All unclaimed HS students' transportation cards will be available for pick up in the HS Office.

Here are concerns which we ask you to pay close attention to:

  • Please be at your assigned stop no less than 5 minutes before the scheduled/printed time for pickup. Blaguss buses are not allowed to wait at stops along the streets of Vienna. It is therefore critical that you report to your assigned stop prior to the scheduled time. The flow of traffic is always unpredictable. Your assistance is greatly appreciated in this matter.
  • Registration for regular use of the transportation system is a must. If you have registered for the service and still have not received your ID card, please let Gregory Blackley know immediately. Your registration is for one seat only. Backpacks and items requiring storage should be moved and stored above the seat if the requested space is needed.
  • Tickets are available for purchase from Steffi in the Villa or Lisa in the ES Office.
  • The Rules of Conduct continue to apply regardless of your status.

Should you have any questions concerning the AIS Transportation Service, please don’t hesitate to contact Gregg at or by mobile – 0699 1096 1734.

Your Blaguss Team


AIS Spirit Wear Store: New Items for 2017


We are pleased to announce the addition of two new items to the AIS Spirit Wear Store for 2017:

  • AIS Knights Women’s Tri-Blend V-neck T-shirt (dark heather grey) €10
  • AIS Knights T-shirt (white) €10

Both feature the AIS Knights logo and are available for purchase now.

The AIS Spirit Wear Store is located in the Main Office at the Villa Reception and is open daily during school hours (closed for lunch 11:45-12:45).

Below are the other products that are currently available:

  • AIS Knights T-shirts (charcoal) €10
  • AIS Knights Hooded Sweatshirts (black) €20
  • AIS Knights Sweatpants (black) €15
  • AIS Knights Winter Hats (black) €10
  • AIS Knights Water Bottle €3
  • AIS Knights Backpack €35

Purchases can be made with Credit Card, Bankomat, or in cash.

For more information contact JT Hilliard.

JT Hilliard, Marketing and Communication Coordinator


Professional Development in Mathematics


On January 12-13 all ES and MS math teachers will be participating in a rigorous professional development opportunity in mathematics education. Specifically, the teachers will be working with Dr. Karim Letwinsky on the mathematical practices and shifts to help students apply mathematics. Dr. Letwinsky is the Chair/Assistant Professor of Department of Educational Leadership Coordinator of International Programs at Wilkes University, PA.

Debra Lechner, Director of Curriculum & Instruction


HS Strings and MS & HS Bands to Perform in the City


The AIS Instrumental Music Department will take part in a cultural exchange with students from China. The HS Finale Orchestra will perform on Thursday, February 2 at 7:00 PM in the MuTh Concert Hall of the Vienna Boys Choir and the combined 7th & 8th Grade and HS Bands will perform Friday, February 3 at 7:00 PM in the Musikverein. These events are organized by a Chinese Cultural Exchange agency that brings student orchestras, choirs and bands from Chinese schools to Europe for a week-long tour culminating with gala concerts in Vienna. For tickets or further information, please contact Ben Detrick or Susan Seekirchner

Susan Seekirchner & Ben Detrick


Athletics & Activities


Knights in Action: Our MS basketball teams will travel this weekend to Munich for competition. See Teams & Schedules for details. We wish the teams good luck and a safe journey. Remember you can see all schedules on Teams & Schedules.

Andy Harrison, Director of Athletics, Activities & Events


After School Activities


Many thanks to all who signed up for ASA’s this week. We will work in the coming days to solve waiting list situations. We had a slight technical glitch on Wednesday right at 12:00 and the link opened two minutes later, we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Andy Harrison, Director of Athletics, Activities and Events


PTF Appropriations - Extending the Voting Deadline Until 11:45 PM Tonight!


This is your last chance to vote! Every community member - parents, teachers, and students - each gets a vote on how the PTF should spend our funds raised - up to €16,000! In the survey, each request contains a video providing you with detailed information about the request, including the amount of money needed. Please look at all the appropriations requests and make your decisions: YES, this is something you think should be funded by the PTF; or NO, you do not believe this should be funded. The entire AIS Community can decide where most of the money raised by the PTF goes. Any item that requests €2,000 or more must receive at least a 75% approval rating. If you have questions about any particular item, I would be happy to send more info.  Email me at Thank you for your vote!

Voting closes at 11:45 PM on January 12. Click here to vote!

Results will be announced at the January PTF morning general meeting. 

A huge thank you to the Middle School Knights Student Network (KSN) for filming all of the appropriations requests and to the AIS Technology Department for setting up the online voting process. This would not have been possible without them.

Donna Scharpf, PTF Appropriations Coordinator


PTF International Food Festival - Looking for Raffle Prizes


The biggest annual fundraising event will happen in April. It includes booths with delicious ethnic food and goodies and wine from many of the nationalities represented at our wonderful school! It is definitely an event not to be missed! 

In addition to the food stalls, we will also be raffling gift and theme baskets. We want to take this opportunity to ask families to begin donating items for these raffle baskets. We are thinking this might be the perfect time! After the holidays, we all come back home with many wonderful gifts that fit us perfectly, but we have also received a present here or there - be honest - that doesn't quite work for us. The IFF would be happy to take those (new, tags-still-on-them) gifts to use for our IFF Raffle. 

Please send in your unused gifts between now and February 1 to any of the boxes in the Elementary, Middle, and High School offices. What doesn't work for you can be a fun prize for another! Thanks in advance for your donations!

The IFF Planning Committee


PTF Bingo Night - Cancelled Due to Lack of Volunteers


Sadly, we could not get enough volunteers to organize this year's Bingo Night so we were forced to cancel the event. We encourage a team of volunteers to come forward for Bingo 2018!

Volunteer with your PTF and make fun things happen for our kids!

The PTF Board


Write for Rights with Amnesty


The Amnesty Youth Group of the High School would like to thank everyone who took part in the “Write for Rights” event on Thursday, December 15, 2016. You all made a huge difference. Students from grades 6 through 12, teachers, as well as parents took part and made it a very successful afternoon. In total we got 893 letters, postcards, and petition-signatures, which we mailed to the respective people. Worldwide, this campaign collected 2,597,445 letters, emails, petitions and more. Thank you very much.

The Amnesty Youth Group


Your Child and Social Media


The world of social media has grown considerably in recent years, and as a result so has the accessibility to many different programs. Our students have access to many forms of communication. The use of these social media platforms can be constructive and a positive addition to our day-to-day lives, however, the same programs can be used inappropriately.

We would like to offer an opportunity to collaborate with our school counselor and tech facilitators to learn more about the world of social media, and how our students can use them effectively and appropriately. Please join us January 19, 7:00-8:30 PM in the Secondary Library or January 20, 9:00-10:30 AM in the Faculty Lounge.

We will share AIS statistics, concerns, resources and strategies to help us all use technology wisely. 

Dave Straffon and Nemanja Arandelovic


From the HS Principal


Upcoming Events
January 11 – 20 – IB Mock Exams
January 16 – 20 – Semester Exams
February 20 – 24 – Ski Week

I trust all of our high school families had a restful and peaceful break to help our students prepare for their first challenge of the new year: semester exams!

This week has been dedicated to review and the start of IB mock exams for our IB second year students. For the rest of our grade 9-11 students exams will begin January 16. Students are only required to be on campus for their actual exams, meaning students can arrive late or leave early during exam week. Like all privileges there are of course additional responsibilities, students must execute their study plans independently. If parents could support their younger high school students in maintaining a reasonable study schedule next week it would be greatly appreciated.

Our busses will run on the normal schedule and students are more than welcome to stay at school and study, but students should be aware that the library is not open as it is one of our testing venues. We do ask parents to clarify with their children that once they leave campus students have left for the day and may only return the next school day, as well as ensuring that students understand that arriving late for an exam is not excused and no additional time will be provided.

Finally we ask parents to help us by making sure that their children do not wear smart watches into exam rooms or have phones in their pockets during exams. With the power of current technology exam proctors must consider possession a violation of academic integrity. Students need to use their lockers, or submit their electronics at the start of every exam when requested. We will store and return electronics in the High School office, but we do not ensure security so it is best that students manage their own device security.

Jarret Lambie, High School Principal


HS Counseling News


Click here for more information on the following:

SAT Prep Course
Junior University Night

The HS Counseling Team


Grade 11 Parent/Teacher "Happy New Year Happy Hour"


All parents and teachers of Grade 11 students:

Don't forget that this evening, starting at 5:30 PM, is "Happy New Year Happy Hour" for all parents, teachers, and counselors of Grade 11 students.  Contact Donna Scharpf if you haven't yet RSVP'd or if you need the address for this event. 

Donna Scharpf, Grade 11 Parent Team Leader


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