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Issue 4, 8. September 2016

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This Week at AIS - Important Dates


Thursday Sept 8 Day 2 Day 6 HS Retreats Leave
Friday Sept 9 Day 3 Day 7  
Saturday Sept 10      
Sunday Sept 11      
Monday Sept 12 Day 4 Day 8 Start of ASAs
Tuesday Sept 13 Day 5 Day 1 HS Open House
Wednesday Sept 14 Day 6 Day 2 Athletics Meet the Coaches Night
Thursday Sept 15 Day 1 Day 3  

Full AIS Calendar


Traffic Flow Around AIS


AIS works collaboratively with the community, local police, and our neighbors to guarantee safety in regards to traffic around the school. Please continue to follow the detailed AIS Drop-off/Pick-up Procedures below:

Thank you in advance for also keeping the following in mind:

  • Adherence to the 30 km/h speed limit around the school improves safety.
  • Making U-turns in front of the Main Gate during drop-off and pick-up disrupts the flow of traffic and causes problems for the school buses entering and exiting the campus, as well as blocks designated emergency access points.
  • Parking only where allowed improves the flow of traffic.
  • Turning off the car instead of letting the motor run while waiting lessens our impact on the environment.
  • Be mindful that our neighbors also use the roads around our campus to take their children to school and go to work.

Please note: The Police will be issuing tickets to those that do not adhere to traffic rules and regulations, especially during drop-off and pick-up, particularly in front of the Main Gate to the bus parking lot.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Rudi Gabriel, Business Manager


Athletics and Activities


Thank you to everyone that has filled in their athletic contracts, there are only a few more remaining.

Next week our season really kicks off as some teams will have their first games of the season. Please check your childrens teams and schedules page HERE for details.

Nick DeForest, Assistant Director of Athletics, Activities, and Events


Transportation Corner


Welcome AIS Transportation Corner! Please take time and review the latest information on all of the events happening in our transportation world.

Travel on any of the six Blaguss coaches is open to all without a ticket or ID cards being required. Please note, by now you should have sent in your registration form for processing. Invoices may have been sent out for handling while, due to the large volume of request, others are still being processed. No child will be left behind. I am able to verify any student’s registration.

Please be advised, any student PreK to Grade 2, traveling home on any of our buses will not be allowed to leave the coach without being met by an authorized adult person. Any student meeting this classification not met will be returned to AIS Main Gate. AIS and Blaguss staff will coordinate this event and notify the parents.

Click here for the Rules of Conduct. Please make sure to review rules with your family members and become acquainted with the expectations of AIS and Blaguss.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions for clarification if you are not sure about any transportation concerns you may have. Contact information can always be found on the Bus Service page of the AIS website.

We are here to assist you. We appreciate your feedback and will be reviewing the first three weeks of our operation this week to determine the adjustments necessary.

Gregg Blackley, AIS
Christian Rathmanner, Blaguss
Verena Nechwatal, Blaguss

Your Blaguss Team


ES Tech Volunteer Needed


A parent volunteer is needed to help the Elementary Tech Coordinator on a time-to-time basis.

If interested, please contact Dan LoCascio.

Dan LoCascio, Elementary Tech Coordinator


PTF Out and About - Melk Abbey


The PTF is pleased to invite you to the beautiful Benedictine Melk Abbey, Stift Melk, overlooking the Danube river and the Wachau valley on September 22. A bus will depart the AIS bus parking lot (main ) at 8:20 AM and return at 2:45 PM. We will have an English guided tour then walk the gorgeous garden and grounds. We will then eat lunch (price not included) in the Melk Abbey restaurant before departing.

Space is limited, first come first served. The cost is 13 Euro per person to be dropped off in the ES Office by September 15.

Click here for the flyer and more information.

For questions contact Tammie Perdue.

Tammie Perdue and Claudia Siffert, PTF Out and About Coordinators


Counselor Coffees 2016-17


New! Counselor Coffees 2016-17! Counselor Coffees are a great new way for the counselor and parents to connect! Meetings give a chance to discuss common parenting challenges, learn skills and strategies to implement at home, feel supported in your efforts, and ask questions for open group discussions. Meetings will be held from 8:30-10am in the Faculty Lounge, located by the café. Below is a list of the following dates and subjects that will be discussed:

September 21: We’re All in This Together!
October 12: Is it Bullying?
February 1: (Revisiting Friendships) I have No Friends In My Class!
April 25: (Beyond the Classroom) Strategies for Learning

For questions or concerns, please email, call +43 1 40132 2411, or stop by (room E42)!

Kelly Underwood, Elementary School Counselor


After School Activities


You have been sent a grade level check email. With so many changes already please look over the list to make sure we have the right classes for your children.

At least 2 days before the first class you will receive a welcome email from the instructors with details. Please reply to them directly if you have any questions.

Thank you to everyone that registered and we hope your children will enjoy their classes.

Nick DeForest, Assistant Director of Athletics, Activities, and Events


New ES PE Website


If you would like to see what your child is doing in Elementary School PE, please visit the new ES PE website and blog. We will continue to update this throughout the year to inform you of what great work the students are doing in ES PE.

Yours in Sport.

The ES PE Team


Middle School Open House - September 15


The Middle School Open House will take place on Thursday, September 15 from 18:15 to 21:15. The evening will start in the theater with some general information and announcements. Parents will then meet with their child's advisor and pick up their schedule for the evening. During the course of the evening, parents will meet with all eight of their child's teachers to learn more about the curricular program in each subject area. This is an important evening for parents to learn more about our school and the classes their child is taking, so we hope you will join us.

Dave Straffon, Middle School Principal


Middle School Parent Alliance Meeting


Our first Middle School Parent Alliance meeting will take place on Friday, September 16 from 9:00 to 10:30 in the Faculty Lounge. The Parent Alliance meets throughout the year to discuss various issues around raising a Middle School aged child. All Middle School parents are welcome to attend. On the September 16, we will introduce our new counselor, Nemanja Arandelovic, discuss our Olweus bully-prevention program, and provide an overview of the improvements in our technology. The Parent Alliance is hosted by the Middle School Principal and the Middle School Counselor.

Dave Straffon and Nemanja Arandelovic, MS Principal and MS Counselor


From the HS Principal


With our High School students off on retreats the High School is preparing for our next big events.

Hopefully all of our parents have received their invitations to the High School Open House on September 13. Parents will be able to check in and collect their child’s schedule starting at 18:00, we will have a brief introduction at 18:15, and parents will be in their child’s first class at 18:30. We hope you can join us.

On Wednesday all of our students will attend our Activity Fair during lab block. During this time students will be encouraged to strike the right balance between activities and academics to make the most of their time in preparation for college. After a brief introduction to the 34 clubs and activities students have access to, students will then have time to individually approach each club, ask specific questions and decide which they would like to participate in. Parents can help us by encouraging their children to pursue their interests, even if it means joining a club their current friends are not joining, and by following up with a discussion of the choices their child made.

Jarret Lambie, High School Principal


HS Counseling News


Click here for more information on the following:

HS Open House
Upcoming University Visits

The HS Counseling Team


IB Diploma Program "CAS Coffee" for Grade 11 Parents


Parents of Grade 11 IB Diploma CAS students are cordially invited to a CAS Coffee, Wednesday, September 21, 8:20-9:15 in the Faculty Lounge. CAS stands for “Creativity”, “Activity”, and “Service”. As CAS Coordinator, I will present an outline of the basic requirements of the IB CAS program with a “Question and Answer” period following. We kindly ask you to RSVP to Mrs. Angele Baharyan by Friday, September 16 if you plan to attend.

I look forward to seeing you!

Elissavet Pontikakis, IB Diploma Program CAS Coordinator


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