Alumni News

Momoko Yokoyama
Class of ´83
Momoko recently took over the management of the Kinderhaus (Kindergarten) at the Montessori Campus in Vienna. Visit the website here.

Jennifer Spatz
Class of ´84
Jennifer is the founder of “Global Family Travels”. She gave an interview to Parentmap. Watch it here.

Alireza Nouri
Class of ´96
Alireza was chosen #1 doctor (practical physician) in Niederösterreich (Lower Austria). Read more...

Tova Marr
Class of ´99
Tova founded the non-profit organization “Autism in Vienna”. Check them out on Facebook here.

Mackenzie Dawson
Class of ´95
Take a look at Mackenzie´s article on Madonna in the New York Post here.

Mirela Bustrevic
Class of ´94
Mirela is a freelance graphic and jewelry designer. Take a look at some of her work here.

Selma Kornmüller
Class of ´03
What about a round of yoga with Selma. It’s fun, relaxing, peaceful and good for the body & soul. Take a look at her company website.

Prashant Nair
Class of´94
Prashant directed and wrote the film “Umrika” which won the Sundance Audience Award as well as the FIPRESCI Critic's Prize at the Cairo International Film Festival. Watch the trailer.

Ahmad Majid
Class of ´83
Ahmad is a current Webster University Vienna adjunct professor. An interview with Ahmad and his project “Cafe ImmiCo” - a business support group for immigrant entrepreneurs in Austria – were recently featured in an Austrian newspaper. Read it here.

Blair Tindall
Class of ´78
Blair is a world famous oboist. Blair´s memoir of her professional career in New York has become a successful television series called “Mozart in the Jungle” which is produced by Picros for the Amazon Studios. It has recently gotten the heads up for Season 3. By the way, the series was nominated and finally won 2 awards at the Golden Globes. Watch the trailer.

Sad News

Imogen "Imi" Diana Lathbury
Former Assistant to the School Director
We have, unfortunately, received the sad news that Ms. Lathbury has passed away on the 25th of May 2016. She was at AIS over many decades. A lovely lady who knew AISV inside out. You had a question about the school, she was the one to ask and she always had an answer for you. Imi was fun to be around. She had that witty British humor; all the time. One barely remembered seeing her without a smile. She was a team player, smart and always concerned about your well being. Our thoughts go out to her family and friends. R.I.P. and Bussi Imi, you will be dearly missed!

Gertrude "Gerti" Burke
Former Front Office/Reception
We have, unfortunately, received the sad news that Ms. Burke passed away peacefuly on Sunday, the 21st of February 2016. She was a well known face of the "AIS Front Desk" over many decades. A very serious lady who always knew what she was doing and made sure what she did was close to being perfect. She was one of the few staff members with whom AIS alumni loved keeping in touch with through long letter writings (we used to publish these letters in every issue of the Globespotter). And she is still one of the few that the visiting alumni always ask about. Just about everybody who had anything to do with AIS over the years knew her! Our thoughts go out to her family and friends. R.I.P. Frau Burke, you will be dearly missed!

Veronika Kriwanek
Former ESL and Typing Teacher
We have, unfortunately, received the sad news that Ms. Kriwanek passed away on the 5th of June 2015. She taught at AIS over three decades (60s, 70s and 80s) and was a lovely, patient, sweet and helpful person / teacher. Our thoughts go out to her family and friends. R.I.P. Ms. Kriwanek, you will be dearly missed.

Amelia Herràn
Former HS French Teacher
We have received the sad news, that Ms. Herrán passed away on the 26th of May 2015 after a long fight with cancer. She was a smart lady with lots of patience, wit and love for her students. Rest in peace Ms. Herrán, you will be dearly missed.

Jack Bullard
Former Guidance Director
We have, unfortunately, received the sad news that Mr. Bullard has passed away in March, 2015 at the age of 85. R.I.P. Mr. Bullard. The AIS Vienna family will dearly miss you.

Sylvia Basch
Former Elementary School Counselor
It is with great sadness that we announce the passing away of Ms. Basch. She was such a lovely, helpful, sweet and smart person. The "Knights" will miss her dearly. May her soul rest in peace!

Renèe Jeschaunig
Former MS/HS Librarian
We are very sad to inform you all that Ms. Jeschaunig - the unforgettable AIS librarian of the 60s, 70s and 80s, has passed away on the 14th of December 2012. You must know that she was far more than just an ordinary librarian: Mrs. Jeschaunig was a holocaust survivor, which resulted in her being personally involved in many classes at AIS (especially the humanities department), she was a popular interview partner for newspaper and book authors and she was a board of directors member at the European Council of International Schools´ Librarians. She will be dearly missed. R.I.P. Mrs. Jeschaunig!

Jo Steinbauer
Former ESL/English Teacher
It is with a heavy heart that we share with you the sad news that Ms. Steinbauer has passed away. She was a long time ESL and English teacher who thought her students to believe in themselves as well as to speak up whenever and wherever necessary even if they were not native English speakers. She succeeded in making her class so interesting that many became reading fanatics afterwards. She had an incredible patience and a soothing voice that one seldom experiences. She will truly be missed by the AIS community. Our thoughts and prayers are with her daughter, Kathleen Steinbauer (AIS alumna, Class of ´81) and her family.

Chris Strasen
Former Director Administrator/High School Guidance Counselor
The AIS community has lost yet another great person. Ms. Strasen was a former Director Administrator as well as the High School Guidance Counselor from the late 70s till the mid 80s. She was a very kind, helpful and smart lady. She had a calm but a strong personality. Her positive influence on the students she guided throughout her presence at AIS is unforgettable. She will be missed by the AIS community. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.

Gail MacMillan
Former High School Principal and Councelor
It is with a broken heart that we announce the passing away of our dear Ms. Gail MacMillan. Some of you might also remember her as our High School Councelor from ´96 till ´99. Gail was a smart, trustable, cooperative and fun colleague, friend and team-player. She made things move on: quick decisions taken, projects pushed on, problems solved as soon as possible. She was simply one of the best. R.I.P. Gail - our thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends.

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