Summer Camps 2017

Registration for summer 2017 is open!

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Camp Dates

  • Week 1: June 19-23
  • Week 2: June 26-30
  • Week 3: July 3-7
  • Week 4: July 10-14

Camp Offerings

  • Early Childhood Fun Camp (ages 4-6) - Weeks 1-4
  • Junior Fun Camp (ages 7-15) - Weeks 1-4
  • Basketball Camp (ages 7-15) - Weeks 1 & 3 (June 19-23 & July 3-7)
  • Tennis Camp (ages 8-15) - Week 2 (June 26-30)
  • English Camp (ages 7-15) - Weeks 3 & 4 (July 3-7 and July 10-14)
  • Dance Camp - Week 4 (July 10-14)
  • New this summer! Engineering Course (ages 12+) - Weeks 3 & 4 (July 3-7 & July 10-14)

Information for each camp offering can be found below.

Camp Routine

  • 09:00 to 15:30 each day
  • Drop-off between 08:30 and 09:00
  • Pick-up between 15:30 and 16:00
  • Pick-up and drop-off are at the S Gate on Salmansdorferstrasse

You may register for all 4 weeks or each week individually. Two snacks of fruit and juice will be provided daily. Campers have to bring their own lunch.

Payment Details and more information can be found at the bottom of this page.

Please contact Ottilia Hollanda, AIS Summer Camp Director, if you have any questions.

Early Childhood Fun Camp

Early Childhood Fun Camp is open all 4 weeks to children from 4-6 years old.

  • Drop off 8:30-9:00
  • Pick up: 2:30 onwards with supervision provided until 4:00

Positive, happy energy, love, and fun are the emotions that can be felt as campers, staff, and families come to AIS. Our camp will offer activities on a daily basis focusing on a nurturing and safe environment, social skills, cooperation, and developing new vocabulary.

Each day children will enjoy in a variety of actives such as:

  • Art projects
  • Storytelling and story time
  • Baking
  • Singing, dancing, role playing
  • Water fun
  • Sports & games - improving locomotor and manipulative skills, playing simple tag games and other age appropriate activities
  • Free Play
  • Nature Walks

Groups will be led by AIS staff members who are experts in Early Childhood. Assisting them will be a team of counselors who are AIS alumni /current students who have experience and love working with younger children.

Junior Fun Camp

Junior Fun Camp is open all 4 weeks to children 7-15 years old. It is an "American Style" summer camp. Children will enjoy a variety of activities, changing each hour.

  • Sports include Soccer, Ping Pong, Dodgeball, Short Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, and Badminton.
  • Games include Capture the flag, Kickball, Obstacle Course, other team-building games, and "water fun".
  • During art sessions, each group will have a weekly art project to work on daily.

Groups will be led by AIS teachers and coaches as well as outside staff. Assisting them will be a team of counselors who are AIS alumni.

Tennis Camp

Tennis camp will be offered for students 8-15. Students will develop individual skills, learn game protocol, rules and participate in singles and doubles tournaments. Sessions are specified to develop different strokes, serving and game strategy. The camp will be tailored for every ability from beginner to the experienced player this will be achieved by small group training. Don’t miss this opportunity to get in shape for the fall season.

English Camps


Our English Camps are open to children ages 7 to 15 (Grades 1-10).

Dates and Times:

  • Week 3: July 3-7
  • Week 4: July 10-14
  • 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM daily
  • 3 hours a day of both English lessons and sport activities in the fun camp.
  • Arrival time: between 08:30 and 09:00 AM
  • Pick-up time: between 3:30 and 4:00 PM

You may register for both weeks or for each week separately. English camps are led by LETA, a language school that staffs fully certified native English language trainers. Students will be placed in beginners, intermediate, or advanced groups. Small groups of students (maximum 10) will work on reading, writing, and grammar with an emphasis on conversational English. Children will have half-day of engaging English lessons and during the rest of the day they will take part in various fun sporting activities.

Drop-off and pick-up are at the S Gate on Salmansdorferstrasse.


Unser Englischcamp ist für Kinder von 7 bis 15 Jahre (1. Klasse Volksschule - 6. Klasse Oberstufe) ausgelegt.


  • Woche 3: - 3-7. Juli
  • Woche 4: 10. - 14. Juli
  • 09:00 to 15:30 täglich
  • Täglich 3 Stunden Englischunterricht und 3 Stunden Sport und Spiel auf Englisch
  • Treffpunkt: 08:30 to 09:00
  • Abholzeit: 15:30 to 16:00

Die Anmeldung kann für eine oder beide Wochen erfolgen. Alle Betreuer sind ausgebildete Lehrer oder haben Englisch als Muttersprache. Die Sprach-Kurse werden von erfahrenen und zertifizierten Trainern, die alle Native Speaker sind, abgehalten von der LETA Sprachschule. Die Studenten werden eingestuft in Anfänger, Mittelstufe, oder Fortgeschrittene. Maximal 10 Kinder pro Gruppe werden anschließend zusammen lesen, schreiben, und an Ihrer Grammatik arbeiten, wobei sich der Schwerpunkt auf Konversation konzentriert. Hierzu wird täglich ein halber Tag gelernt und der restliche Tag mit Freizeitaktivitäten verbracht.

WO: "SP" Tor in der Salmannsdorferstrasse.

Basketball Camp

Basketball camp will be offered for students 7-15. Students will develop individual skills, learn game protocol, rules and participate in mini games. Sessions are specified to develop individual technique, fitness, ball control, game intelligence and team work. The camp will be tailored for every ability from beginner to the experienced player this is achieved partly by small group work and differentiation. Don’t miss this opportunity to get in shape for the next season.

Dance Camp

Over the course of the week, focused dance training in the field of Urban Dance Styles (also known as Hip Hop), and Contemporary Dance will be offered for students between 8 and 16 years old. The program will cater both age groups.

Core elements of the various hip hop styles will be explained and taught followed by elaborated moves to build up a profound understanding of both movement and style gradually (mental and physical knowledge).

Floor work, basic acrobatic movements, elements of line and square dance, karaoke and various styles of the Hip Hop culture (Old School and New School, New Style, Funky Jazz, Locking and Popping, Bboying) and Contemporary Dance will be learned. Individual challenges, partner and group work are key components in the classes offered.

As a group, we will develop and learn dance choreography which will be presented at our showing at the end of week. It will be performed for parents, friends and anyone who is interested in dancing. At this showing, the students will have the great opportunity to experience theatre life. Together, we will design the flyers and costumes, organize a photo shoot, choreograph, practice the dance steps and rehearse for the show! We are sure that this experience will be unforgettable!

Fun and excitement is guaranteed, so don’t miss the third AIS Dance Camp and register now!

Engineering Course

New for summer 2017!

Would you like to learn how to build and fly a quadcopter? Come to the summer camp and you'll build and race your robot. Students need to be 12 years of age or older and committed to participate 2 hours per day in this activity or if combined with English camp one hour per day for 2 weeks. The course will run July 3-7 and 10-14. There is no additional costs involved unless you wish to buy the robot at the end. Please don't forget to register for this activity. We need a minimum of 15 students to fill the course.

The engineering course is organized to cover basic knowledge in mechanics, electronics, robotics, programming, and virtual reality. Throughout the course, students learn the basics of electronic parts and devices, and mechanics. After finishing the course, students should be able to construct a visual model of a robot (small radio-controlled aircraft or quadcopters), explain how to use soldering irons, describe basic electronic devices and parts (resistors, diodes, transistors, batteries, RF-transmitters and receivers, electricity), design and perform and experiment, evaluate the accuracy of their data and determine how to improve it. At the end of the course, students have the possibility to buy their robot.

Payment Details

  • Fun Camps, Basketball, Tennis, and Dance Camp are each 220 Euro per week
  • English Camps are 300 Euro per week

Please make all payments to the account shown below. Full payment must be received to complete the registration for your camp. Registrations after the camp has started and 'walk-ins' are subject to a 25 Euro surcharge and will be only admitted if there is space. Group sizes are limited and preference is given first to AIS families and secondly to those who apply earliest.

Name of bank: BAWAG PSK AG
American International School (Empfänger)
IBAN: AT22 1400 0072 1004 6725
Please indicate SUMMER CAMP and the first and last name of the child attending.

Any questions, please email or call 06991 401 32 91 or 01 40 132 2281.

Cancellation Policy

If a participant drops out of a program before summer camp begins, there will be a €50 cancellation fee. If a participant drops out after it begins or does not show up, they will be charged a €100 cancellation fee. Exceptions will only be made in extreme circumstances and medical reasons require a doctor’s note.

Enrollment In Groups

Group sizes are limited and preference is given first to AIS families and secondly to those who applied first.

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